Lux Arcana Recruiting for Chronicles of Elyria


Chronicles of Elyria (CoE) promises to be a sandbox PvP based MMO with survival aspects, localised economies, player crafted resources, no fast travel and lots of other innovative new features.

It is my hope that this game will realise a 15-year dream of mine for an MMO that appeals to both PvP and PvE focused players. A world where people with a range of play-styles NEED each other for survival.

While the game is still pre-Alpha, from what I have seen from the developers so far and the passion shown by the CoE community, I feel this game has as good a chance as any. Of course, backing a game and planning this early is a risk, but CoE is one I’m prepared to take and I hope some of you will too!

Our Guild Structure

Our traditional ‘guild’ community will be divided into three main in-game entities:

  • The City of Agora
  • The Lux Watch
  • Lux Arcana (Trade Guild)

The City of Agora

In 2019 game backers got to reserve land and settlements on the EU server map. Lux Arcana has reserved an area called the County of Sunward with the City of Agora at its centre. This large city has an existing population of 200+ NPCs of various professions, many of which our members will take over.


My goal for this city is for it to become famous as trading centre specialising in rare and exotics goods. I want this city to have a middle eastern feel to it. A giant bazaar of exotic items and visitors!

The Lux Watch

We will also have our own semi-autonomous paramilitary branch called the Lux Watch.


Players joining this organization will get to experience the full range of PvP that the game has to offer, from small scale skirmishes to big castle sieges. It will also defend our city and our trade network.

Lux Arcana

Guilds in CoE are actual in-game organisations that specialise in one or more closely related professions. So we are setting up a guild called Lux Arcana specifically for Traders and Merchants.


Anyone on the server will be welcome to join, even if they already belong to another in-game community or kingdom. The in-game guild will also be backed up by a online marketplace website.

Next Steps

If you like the sound of what we are planning then please get involved!

Check out our three recruitment posts on the official forums:

You can also join us on Discord:


See you in Elyria!

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