2 Vs 2 Ladder Launch

Today we are excited to introduce a much desired feature on our PvP website: the 2 Vs 2 Ladder.

This ladder runs on a slightly different system to the 1 Vs 1 ladder.  As it (somewhat obviously) needs to have twice as many people all online, at the same location and at the same time the restrictions as to who you can challenge have been removed. Along with that, you no longer are required to “challenge” the opposing team first, both teams simply just input the results.

You can be part of only one 2Vs2 group and you can be with anyone of your choosing (As long as they want you).

The expansions to the Darkfall Division’s PvP website continue, with still plenty of interesting items the to-do list.

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Comments (5)

  1. Keegar at

    Excellent!! Looking forward

  2. Snap at

    Awesome! I call dibs on Bengt!

  3. Maejohl at

    Looking good Ziggie!

  4. utbildadninja
    utbildadninja at

    I want to register a team, but it says that the name is too long :(
    Name is 23 characters long, 26 with spaces.

  5. thunder
    thunder at

    nice good job! :)

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