Recent Highlights – 14 July 2013

A re-occurring article to bring all those interested up to speed on recent happenings, such as contest winners, EU politics and much more. Primarily aimed at Lux Arcana but also just as good for anyone else.

Internal News

  • Lux goes for a fishing trip when an uninvited guest intrudes…(find more to this story here).



  • Khel finally took home the Lottery pot of 65,760 Gold after a double roll over! Khel didn’t have much to say on the matter expect “OH SHIT“, more to this story can be found here. 


  • CrazyCronus took home the gold in the latest screenshot contest involving around the theme of few or many. See the other entries here, or gaze upon the winning entry below.


  • A thrilling game of Man-Ball hit the Darkmoore stadium just the other week as the United dread went up against the FC Skinnies. Click here to watch the highlights of this exciting game. Forumfall discussion can be found here or the official Lux Man-Ball thread can be found here.


External News

Video: Rigan Pere has created a well received promotional video for Darkfall / TFK, watch the video here.

EU Server: Zerg Mercs appear to have experienced some internal issues which has lead to the collapse of what was the biggest clan (in roster numbers, at least) on EU.  Drama about it has been heating up in the EU Clan Discussion forum (thread one and thread two) but it’s not clear who to believe.  Two things are for sure though, 1)  Zerg Mercs are now just a one man clan, and 2) just yesterday they lost (traded?) their Hamlet of Tirgham located on Cairn to Consequence.

NA Server: Umburrito has been up to his usual shenanigans, teaching the people of Agon a lesson on how to claim a cottage, even when it’s defended. Watch the short but sweet video here or discuss it here.

AV: The recent patch containing the market, the revamped village system, some new ships and the danger zones is being very well received.  That said. the unclear market GUI has lead to quite a few people accidentally selling their goods for a fraction of what they intended – some lucky buyers won’t be complaining though. With one of the latest ships, the Sea Scraper, lots people have taken to the sea to either gain a nice profit from scraping up the sea or in hopes of taking someone else’s profit. (Image of the sloop below)


Upcoming patches These are believed to be aimed towards PvP balance, the highly discussed transfer tweaks and the latest Warrior role, judging from recent talks with admins in-game.


Looking for Agon Story Writers – If you have a story or news that you believe should be in the next article, feel free to PM Zigzag on these forums.

That’s it for now, see you next time Agon Adventurers.

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