Lux Arcana reaches 50 members in Elder Scrolls Online

We have been slowly increasing our numbers since the launch of the game and today we reached 50 members.  As well as being a nice landmark is also opens up the guild bank facility.  We Just need a keep now to sell our wares to our fellow alliance members.


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Comments (3)

  1. Aurelle at

    Congratulations! Looking forward to joining you all soon.

  2. sujane at

    Congratulations. I think I gonna join soon as well. Looked into the game during early access but still can’t get me to leave Final Fatansy for it. =^.^= Anyways, glad to hear the guild is thriving in ESO.

  3. Vorax at

    Nice! Having so much fun in pve (yes pvE) that i have not gotten around to the PVP bit yet.

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