Lux Arcana on the run

Journal of Aydin D’Nair – Officer of Lux Arcana.

It’s 1st August 3301 and I, Aydin D’Nair write this as I leave my home, Earth in the  Sol System for possibly the last time.  For the last few months myself and my fellow compatriots from Lux Arcana have been in hiding, constantly on the run from the Government.    Those who couldn’t evade the authorities have been imprisoned or put to death.

Sol Herald new size 2

How things have changed in the last few months. Lux Arcana was once a legitimate political party on Earth, with our popularly slowly growing, but then came the assassination of Congressman Harewood.  Authorities claimed to have evidence that Lux Arcana was involved and we were labelled terrorists overnight. I was lucky as I was away in Mars so wasn’t present when the federal police stormed our headquarters, others weren’t so.

Over the last few months those of us who weren’t caught initially have tried to band together in the hope that we can keep each other safe.   But we had to always be moving and with the constant pressure from the authorities our numbers have dwindled, it’s just not possible to remain here and be free.

Leaving earth

So us remaining few are together leaving Sol with hope that we might be able to start anew. We have managed to recommission an old Diamondback. I hope this rust bucket  will be  able to take us far away.  I am anxious of what lies ahead, but maybe at last we can find peace.

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