It’s 8th August 3301, 8 days out from Sol and we are still looking over our shoulders. Sol’s reach appears to be large and with the bounty on our heads many an adventurous bounty hunter have sort to extend their wealth by cashing in on our demise.  We face constant interdictions, being pulled violently out of supercruise and then either running or fighting for our survival.



Many of us thought that once clear of Sol we would be able to start anew.  This seems to be unlikely at present as no matter how far we seem to travel, how many systems we put behind us someone always wants a piece of us. It feels that there are dark forces at play here.

Sol distance


We travel from outpost to outpost trying to remain unnoticed, but its not long before we attract some sort of attention and we need to move on once more. It seems wherever we hide someone finds ultimately finds us.



This constant assault is taking a toll on us all and I’m not sure how much longer we can hold out.  The last encounter with some of the local authorities ships was a close one, our shields were down and we were taking damage I really thought  this was the end.  Somehow we got clear of the asteroid field and engaged our frame shift drive, we were lucky this time to escape with our lives. So we continue on, but will our next encounter be our last.

Running from the law

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