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New Application

Postby Markiee » Thu Mar 29, 2018 12:10 am

New Application

Game: Black Desert Online

Server: EU Server

Tell us about your Main character in this game (unless you are a new player):
My main character is a lvl 58 DK currently around 430 gearscore. Which i will upgrade really soon.

Please list any other Alts you have in this game (unless you don't have any):
I have a 58 striker with around 430 gear score as well.

Please tell us about your achievements in-game e.g. progression, gear etc.. (high level players only):

If you are applying for a game which has PvP in it, please tell us about your PvP abilities and experience:
The main thing i like in this game is the pvp, all i do is farm and upgrade gear to make sure i will become stronger in pvp. I've been in Agonize and we did nodewars as well. We also had a lot of wars which i quite liked. In my opinion i'm a decent pvper.

What nights of the week you are most often available for raids or groups:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday

What times are you usually online on those days?
During the week mostly in the evenings. On saturday/sunday mostly during the day.

What guilds have you been in (in all versions of this game) and what were your reasons for leaving each?

Please give your reasons for wanting to join Lux Arcana:
Since Agonize disbanded i was looking for a guild with about the same feeling, PvP-wise and people-wise. So i started looking through the guild list and i was reading some descriptions until i ran into LuxArcana on which the description really appealed to me. I really want to progress and do node-wars, even though i have a social life of my own. Plus from the text i got the feeling that you guys are nice and mature people.

How did you hear about Lux Arcana?
Guild list

Please tell us a little a bit about yourself:
I'm a 23 year old computer science student who likes to play video games in his spare time. I have a busy social life but i'm good at combining it with my gaming hobbies.

Have you read our division or guild Charter and agree to comply with it?

Are you able to use Discord?

Are you 18 or over?

Country: Netherlands (nl)

Re: New Application

Postby Herondale » Thu Mar 29, 2018 11:04 am

Heya thanks for applying!

As your gearscore is just below our requirements can you maybe send us a screenshot of your current gear you are going to upgrade via discord or post it directly here? Just so we know what we can expect :)

My Discord name is: The Almighty Herondale#0033
Thanks a lot!
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