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New Application

Postby Gryffin » Fri May 04, 2018 1:00 am

New Application

Game: Black Desert Online

Server: EU Server

Tell us about your Main character in this game (unless you are a new player):
Yaamuraiha is her name, she enjoys beating up witches and wizards, using sea burial and wearing blue themed clothing.

Please list any other Alts you have in this game (unless you don't have any):
If I were to ever re-roll to an Alt it would be my lvl 58 Valkyrie

Please tell us about your achievements in-game e.g. progression, gear etc.. (high level players only):
Getting Muskans to TRI, Oh and I killed Karma's Guildmaster.

If you are applying for a game which has PvP in it, please tell us about your PvP abilities and experience:
Well I'm a mystic so most aren't willing to fight me, I'm not too bad but I have much to learn

What nights of the week you are most often available for raids or groups:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

What times are you usually online on those days?
Depends on what I'm doing on the day but that's not what you wanna know. you wanna know if I'll attend node wars, don't worry I will. If I cant I'll drop a message.

What guilds have you been in (in all versions of this game) and what were your reasons for leaving each?
Squishy - the pvp members left and made Materia
Materia - Guild essential disbanded due to Mutiny
Sacrifice - Chain of command dissappeared
Bliss - The shot caller left us all confused frequently but I was only hear for two weeks

Please give your reasons for wanting to join Lux Arcana:
I need a Guild Strong that can develop my skill and bring victory

How did you hear about Lux Arcana?
Friend of mine

Please tell us a little a bit about yourself:
I'm a uni student in the UK and I'm studying architecture, I play games, guitar and draw somewhat on the side.

Have you read our division or guild Charter and agree to comply with it?

Are you able to use Discord?

Are you 18 or over?

Country: United Kingdom (uk)

Re: New Application

Postby Senziken » Fri May 04, 2018 1:15 am

Thanks for making a application, welcome to Lux!

Getting an invite in-game

We are on the EU server.

Please Whisper (family) Accara, Lxcidly, Agor, Severance, Herondale or Ender in-game for an invite.

Next steps

Once you get forum access please read New Member Checklist

If you have any questions please whisper one of us at any time or make a post on the forums.

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