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Division Rules

Postby Belteyn » Mon Feb 22, 2016 1:13 am

The following rules exist in this division in addition to, or replacing, those in the Guild Charter:

Division Funds

(This is an update to section 4.3 in the Charter)

In Black Desert Online the guild's 'cash' bank is semi-automated. Cash can only deposited in the bank via member Contracts, Guild Quests, some standard quest rewards, the spoils of war etc... i.e. no player can deposit cash in the bank. The only exception is that the Guild Leader can deposit funds into the bank if the balance should go negative.

No player can withdraw cash from the bank, including the Guild Leader. The only way cash can be used is to pay agreed salaries (and refunds) and for the purchase of guild upgrades, war costs etc... Only the guild leader can do this.

The main point in documenting this here is to make clear that in Black Desert Online via the Contracts system Lux will in effect have an automated contribution system i.e. members contribute to guild funds (and get automated rewards for doing so). How funds are spent each day and the rewards given will be clearly documented in our member forums.

If anyone has any questions on this please ask!

Thank you.
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