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Division Rules

Postby Maejohl » Sun Jun 26, 2016 1:50 pm

Division Rules

The following rules exist in this division in addition to, or replacing, those in the Guild Charter:

1. Be on our voicecomms whenever you're ingame.
Even if you're - eg- just afk mining - get in the Darkfall afk channel.

2. All city nodes are free for all
Except for the wood and stone from the grove/quarry - please add those to the clan bank.

3. If there's 3 defenders or more in the city, all loot goes to the clan
Place all city defence loot (including regs etc) taken from city raiders into the city defence bag. All consumables get sold back to clannies/allies by the clan. All weapons and armour gets handed out each week.

4. No combat looting - ever
If we're in PvP anywhere, you don't stop to loot unless ordered to. ONLY exception is if you're out of regs/arrow/food - then SAY in comms you're stopping to loot regs etc. Don't just loot regs etc without saying in comms - else you'll be presumed to be combat looting and punished accordingly.
All clan PvP event (eg siege, city raiding) loot goes into city defence bag for later loot handout. Obviously does not apply to non-clan events.

5. Don't comment on official forum threads or posts that involve Lux Arcana

Political situations can get out of hand quickly on forums. So leave it to clan leadership to deal with posts about us.

Thank you.
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