Day 2 - Update and News

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Day 2 - Update and News

Postby Maejohl » Thu Jun 30, 2016 7:51 am

So we had a lot of people online throughout the day yesterday - it was great to see Mumble so full!

And everyone was working towards their own goals but also helping the clan out at the same time. We had a lot of gold donations to help us get the ~30k we needed to get the clan shard to take a holding. And we had a good amount of stone and wood donated too - thank you very much!

After a day of mob hunting, stone bashing and crafting we achieved enough to get the clan shard AND craft the 10 building modules needed to make a clan bank.

So we set off from the dwarven NPC city of Maghnir to take our (first) player holding - the city of Dagnamyr! This went off without any problems - although we were visited by a spy from Celiah Ailey's Jungle Kingdom clan moments after taking the city.

And to top it off, MrBiggo successfully managed to earn the true nerdrage of a player called 'Crafter Maurice' (AKA Postman Pat for those of you who know that name from DFO) - also of the Jungle Kingdom clan. Looks like we're starting some clan politics already :)

After taking the city a group of us went to check out the local wildlife. We found a great (and tough) local spawn for a large (and at this stage of the game - guild sized) group to take on at once. It drops decent armour and weapons - and lots of gold for the clan!

So all in all a great second day!
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