Call to arms! Defensive Siege tonight - Saturday 12 Nov

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Call to arms! Defensive Siege tonight - Saturday 12 Nov

Postby Maejohl » Sat Nov 12, 2016 9:54 am

It's time for Lux to get back in the game people!

We'll start off easy by helping our allies Last Call defend their new city of Dayar against Celiah Ailey's zerg! We need to be in Dayar for 1830 UTC/UK 1930 BERLIN.

Log in during the day and make sure you try out the new mount sprint mechanic on all normal mounts/the Battlehorn. Try some spawn-scaling too to warm up your muscle-memory!

Also we'll be posting a series of clan events from Tuesday evening onwards. Hopefully you all now know that - if you've bought the game by then - from Tuesday the rest of the InDev period will be subscription-free! Nothing to pay now until at least a month after launch!

We also need to start getting ready for the next big patch series in December when the watchtowers come in. So we need stone, wood and gold for building modules!

So log in and join us!
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