Goood morrrrrning Agon!! BIG NEWS DAY for Darkfall:New Dawn

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Goood morrrrrning Agon!! BIG NEWS DAY for Darkfall:New Dawn

Postby Maejohl » Tue Nov 15, 2016 10:46 am

Play Darkfall:New Dawn for Free!

Later this afternoon we have the start of the 14 day free trial period! So for all you Luxies who haven't yet tried Darkfall and want to see what all our fuss is about, jump in and roll yourself a free account!

It's also the start of the subscription-free period for all of us who've already bought the game. This makes Darkfall:New Dawn subscription-free for the rest of the InDev period - so until around early Q2 2017. That's a lot of 'free' gametime :D

If you've waited to buy the game then this morning is your chance to get it still at the early adopter cost of 19.99 Euros (prices are expected to change to pre-release costs this afternoon). You'll get all the rest of the InDev included and 2 months gametime at launch.

In other news...

It looks like our official response to Celiah's asset destruction has done the trick - at least for last night, as Dagnamyr's walls remain fully standing and Celiah didn't attempt any more asset destruction. We'll look to get the mage's guild back up and running today, so that the friendly Mage will re-appear to sell us his goods and services.

This evening at 2000UTC/UK 2100BERLIN we're going to be trying the spawn scaling again. NB - we might choose a different starting location from the advertised one. If we do, we'll post it here well in advance! And even complete newbies will be able to join us (if they can get to our city of Dagnamyr in time :) ).

And finally a reminder - all of the Lux and Pickaxe holdings nodes are free for all - including the mines. BUT: the stone from the quarry in Dagnamyr must go to the Lux clanbank please (for building mods and repair shards) but do keep the sulfur and gems. The Dagnamyr grove is once again fully free for all. As always please be sensible and don't 'be that guy' who's always on the mine - let others get their fair chance too :D
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