Subrscription packages and so forth

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Subrscription packages and so forth

Postby Blodfjert » Wed Jan 03, 2018 3:20 pm

Hi, all! Happy new year and long time no see!

I'm gonna try to be part of the madness that is Darkfall once again, albeit on a very tight schedule. Mae and Hawkyboy got me onto Discord last night, all good so far.

Two questions:
1. I do not understand where I am in terms of suscription. It appears I bought the "InDev_ Pack" back in november 2016 for 19,99€, and it would also appear I've been elligble for playing ever since. Will that do as the game goes live, or am I going to have to buy the game once again? I'm referring to the different Packages available from the New Dawn Store:
- Pack inDev_ AURORA
- Pack inDev_ ZENITH
- Pack inDev_ DUSK

or are these different packages merely other recurring payment plans?

2. My ingame name is 'Illiterate BRTL'. It's shit.
Just read that character names carry over when game goes live, and was wondering if you've strafed by any shady mirdains offering a name change in exchange for a purse of gold?
Plan to get my feet wet tonight, and would like to know if theres something I can do to my character name before investing time in the grind for meditation points.
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Re: Subrscription packages and so forth

Postby Maejohl » Wed Jan 03, 2018 3:45 pm

Hey Brutal.

It doesn't take too much work at the moment to get the 100k med points if you do re-roll your toon to get a new name - and we'll be having some more med point gathering sessions in the coming days and weeks. The only issue would be if you've done any crafting masteries that you want to keep hold of. If you haven't then I'd suggest re-rolling to get a new name. (There is a chance that the devs will get a name-change option in for launch but not confirmed.)

As for the prices, you have the basic one - that will give you 2 months at live :)
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