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New Applications

Postby Maejohl » Sun Jun 26, 2016 3:57 pm

This recruitment thread is for people who've never been a member or recruit of Lux Arcana before

Recruitment status


(If you're an old/current Lux Arcana members/recruits only - and they can sign-up in this thread)

Our minimum entry requirements

Applicants should be gamers who:
  • are sociable and happy to speak and take part in voicecomms; and
  • are always actively looking to improve their PvP play
  • are active group players, not solo players.

Before applying please read the following documents:

The Guild Charter

The Clan Rules

Please make sure that you've read our Charter and Clan Rules and 100% agree to follow them. Joining us but then complaining about our rules isn't acceptable.

And please be clear:

1. you must have and be willing to use Discord voicecomms (ie listen AND speak on it) - you cannot join us unless you can do this;
2. you must get involved with the clan and help when required;
3. we're a clan for mature adults (18+) only; and
4. you must be a dwarf, human or mirdain to join us.

If this all sounds good, then please post an application!

Note: Do NOT post a new application if you are an existing FULL Lux Arcana member.
Existing Lux Members should sign up via the Members Signup thread.

Note: If you get "forum does not exist message" when you click Submit via the application form, please go Back in your browser and double check all the fields with a * have completed then Submit again.

What happens next?

This guild operates a trial recruitment system.

1. If you want to join first register on this site and post an application in this Recruitment forum. We'll reply to you in your application thread - so check back there.

2. If you're approved to join we'll invite you in as a Recruit. And we'll let you know where we'd like you to be based out of ingame.

3. After 6-8 weeks you'll be asked to answer a few questions about your time so far in Lux. It asks how you're getting on and how you think we're doing. Guild Council will then vote on giving you full membership. We decide this by things like your activity in-game and on voicecomms, your willingness to get involved, feedback from other members etc.

Membership of this guild is NOT guaranteed. And sometimes we'll turn some people down. Don't take it personally if we turn you down. We're being selective just to look after our existing members and keep a good player balance.

Thank you
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