Modded Minecraft hard survival server open..

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Modded Minecraft hard survival server open..

Postby Strange » Thu Feb 02, 2017 12:10 pm

Hey all

I'm running a small modded server. We're playing GT New Horizons, anyone interested in joining, let me know.

The modpack is at:

The pack is tough - and technology is tiered, but there's an excellent quest book that helps you. The tiers are:

Tier 0: Vanilla Minecraft, Pam's Harvestcraft, GT Flint tools
Tier 1: GT Bronze Age, TiCo, Chisel, Jabba, Twillight Forest
Tier 2: GT (LV), Railcraft, Forestry, Extra Utilities, Backpacks
Tier 3: GT (MV), Thaumcraft (+Addons), Binnie, Advanced Solar Panels, AE2
Tier 4: GT (HV), Galacticraft (+Addons), AFSU, Witchery
Tier 5: GT (EV), Gendustry, Blood Magic

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