Albion Online releases 17th July 2017

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Albion Online releases 17th July 2017

Postby Stilp » Tue Mar 21, 2017 3:09 am

After one of the longest alpha/beta tests I have ever joined (well, apart from Star Citizen...), Albion Online finally launches in July. There was a wipe & a fresh beta start a week ago as pretty much the whole map got changed (for the better!), and a few of us have gone back.

Lux as a guild won't be playing the game - just wasn't the type of game for most people - but if anyone is still interested, please give me a shout! JackZolo, Sirath, Alesund and myself from Lux are currently playing, and have joined a random guild for this test. Seem OK, if a little unorganised, but nice relaxed place to hang out & we may well stick with them for launch.

Just a heads-up post as the game did generate some initial interest just over a year ago, so thought I would remind everyone of it!

(For those that don't know, Albion Online is an isometric sandbox MMO. Not the biggest, but around 40000 people playing this current beta.

EDIT : If anyone is thinking of buying the game, may be worth posting here first to see if any old members will sell you their copy, or alternatively, I will give you a referral code before you register so I can get free gold :P )
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