Guild Wars 2: Welcome to 2014!

Hello all,

I am Vinnt, division leader for Lux Arcana in Guild Wars 2, I hope you all had a good holiday. Let me welcome you to 2014 and wish you the best for the new year. So, I thought I’d share my thoughts on the past year in Tyria (the world in which the Guild Wars 2 is set). This turned out a bit longer than I intended but bear with me.

2013 was a big year for the game and looking back, it is easy to see just how big. At the start of the year the Flame and Frost content update introduced ArenaNet’s new Living World system. The Living World is the story of Tyria and is the guise under which ANet releases content into the game. It’s designed to create an ever-changing world for the player to immerse themselves in and be a part of. It started with the Flame and Frost arc which was released over 4 months in monthly updates from January to April. It introduced the Molten Alliance, a dreadful marriage of Flame Legion and Dredge but also alluded to a more sinister mastermind who orchestrated the alliance. I won’t summarise the entire Living Story so far, you can read up on it or refresh your memory with the GW2 wiki’s Living Story Summary. Following the conclusion of Flame and Frost in April, the May update, The Secret of Southsun was the first Living World update in ANet’s ambitious new 2-week release schedule. Since May the developers have been creating and releasing content of increasing quality every 2 weeks, a complete list of 2013’s updates can also be found on the wiki, here.

Cover Art for Flame and Frost: Retribution, the concluding update of the F&F arc.

Each of the updates brings more than just the next part of the story, releases have included a variety of content. From new dungeons and PvP maps to new reward systems and re-vamped game features. What’s more is that ANet will be continuing with their 2-week schedule after the holiday break. With the next update scheduled for the 21st January, there is much more to look forward too this year including the conclusion of the current Living Story, a new WvWvW map and the changes to legendary precursor weapons. I, personally, am very excited to see what ArenaNet brings to the game this year.

Of course, as great as the game is, no MMO is complete without a group of friends to enjoy the content with. I joined Lux Arcana in October 2012 when I was looking for a guild that fit me; Lux’s policy of being a guild for dedicated, casual players looking to enjoy the game with a small, close-knit community of like-minded people was pretty much exactly what I was looking for. From the day I joined, I have loved being a part of Lux and that’s entirely down to the great people I have been playing with. So a huge thank you to everyone in Lux for making the guild what it is today, which is awesome!

2013 has seem some great officers come and go, notably Valerion, who was the division leader from launch until the end of November when I took over. Thanks to Val for all his work in getting the guild through release and the first year of the game which, I am sure many will agree, is probably the trickiest time for a MMO and guild leader. Also, a shout out to Saryon, Maejhol, Deesis, Ivinedra, Reunen and Kiril. All of them have held officer positions with the division for a time (Deesis continues to be an officer) and have contributed to the guild, thank you guys. Recently a few members became Explorers and are helping to organise our PvE events so I would also like to thank Jonna, Nenneth, Melitha and Luculus for taking on this role. Finally we have our Marshals, Nangar and Jebus, who both hold weekly WvWvW events for the guild, they lead us through fire and hell so that we can respawn back at our keep. Thanks for the fun, and the repair bills, guys.

Another thank you to everyone in the GW2 division for making Lux and Tyria, the places to be.

Lux in Langmar Estate, one of the Guild Puzzles. From back left; Reunen, Luculus, Nangar, Deesis and Manul. From front left; Melitha, Elmoo, Vinnt, Nenneth, Oratio, and Steluta. Image courtesy of Deesis.


Additionally, I will extend a hearty and warm welcome to all Luxers who are maybe thinking about trying Guild Wars 2 and joining our little slice of Lux family life. Message me on the forums or in-game and we’ll get you an invite!

Finally, if you are not already a member of Lux Arcana and you are reading this article, I hope it convinces you to join us, simply fill in our application form, here. We’ll review the application and, if successful, invite you to contact us in-game for an invite to the guild. Be sure to browse the website a bit and check out the “About” page for more information on the guild.

With the Fractured! release in November, a number of these mysterious devices appeared all over Tyria. What are they for? We’ll find out soon!


Thank you for reading and here’s to another great year in Lux Arcana and Guild Wars 2!

See you in Tyria soon,


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