Lux Arcana Completes Lion’s Arch Jumping Puzzle

At the first day of the pre-release, Lux Arcana organized an exploration event in Lion’s Arch. We did the two jumping puzzles, yielding an achievement and a nice chest at the end of each! There were some tumbles on the way, but in the end everyone made it!

Group screenshot in the Sharkmaw Caverns

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Comments (6)

  1. Saryon at

    Female nudity? Zomg!

  2. Belteyn at

    Nice! was she the prize?

  3. Maejohl at

    No, I was.

    1. Belteyn at

      Ah yes I see you… to the right of her… Jabba the Maej :)

    2. Saryon at

      Lousy prize to be honest.

  4. ivinedra
    ivinedra at

    Awww…. I should of stood closer to whomever was next to me…..

    However, my pirate outfit is hawt!

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