Fond memories of Darkfall 1.0 while we wait

Fond memories of Darkfall 1.0 while we wait

By Maejohl » Fri Apr 12, 2013

With only (hopefully) a few days left until launch, we look back at some of the fun times that Lux Arcana had in Darkfall 1.0… Nym’s amazing “Agon Shipping Co” EU server events: Lahmage’s [...]

2 weeks to go: Guild Council appointed

By Maejohl » Mon Nov 05, 2012

With only two weeks now remaining until the planned launch of  Darkfall: Unholy Wars, I am very pleased to be able to confirm the appointment of a Guild Council to help lead the Lux [...]

Diplomatic Immunity?

By Ivinedra » Sun Oct 28, 2012

Within Darkfall 1.0 there were many different groups of players, each with their own political agenda, fighting for control over specific areas of the map. One of Darkfall’s true ‘sandbox’ features, the politics generated [...]