Lux Arcana Guild Charter

1. Introduction

1.1 Guild History
Further information on Lux Arcana's history can be found here.

1.2 Guild Objectives
Lux Arcana was founded as a community for European players with a "casual" but "dedicated" play style. By "casual" we mean players that have other commitments in real life such as their job, family or other interests, and whose play time may be fairly random. By "dedicated" we mean players that will immerse themselves fully in each game we play and give 100% to the guild. That said, each Lux Arcana game Division has varying objectives and levels of commitment required, so before joining a Division please make sure you are happy with that Division's objectives.

The primary goal of our Division leaders is to ensure that Lux Arcana is a friendly and stable MMO community for players to enjoy playing in. Yes we are very organised, and yes we are very clear about our guild's rules and what is expected of everyone, and no we do operate as a democracy! But we do take fairness VERY seriously and we will always go out of our way to ensure everyone in each Division is getting a good deal. But at the same time we expect contribution in return. The more you put into Lux Arcana the more you will get out. We are not a guild for loners or players just after a tag or chat room. We are a guild for team players, and mature adults who are helpful, outgoing, and hopefully have a good sense of humour!

For our style of guild to work we do have to be clear on a few points. If you prefer to play games mostly 'solo' and do not like group activities or helping others or contributing then this is not the guild for you. If you live in a non-European time-zone then you will likely miss out on much that this guild has to offer, and again this guild may not be for you. Finally, should you start to find that your play-time or play style is out-of-sync with the rest of the guild, while you will always be welcome, please do not try to change the focus of the guild to suit your own needs, and instead maybe consider that you might be happier in another guild that better suits you. This does NOT mean that the guild will not adapt and evolve over time, but it does mean that any major shift in focus will not happen unless our Divison leaders agree, and feel it is the right decision for the majority of our members.

1.3 Division Objectives
As stated in the previous section, each Lux Arcana game Division may have slightly different in-game objectives and recruitment requirements, so please make sure you read all the introductory posts on the Home page of each game Division you are interested in.

Each of our Featured Game Divisions also has it's own version of this Charter, with slight variations.

2. Core Principles

2.1 Get involved in the guild
All members are expected to get involved in the guild and take part in our guild objectives. Be proactive and help organise things - don't just sit back and wait for things to happen! Show enthusiam. Get to know each other both in-game and via these forums and have fun!

2.2 Group with other members
We ask that members group with each other whenever possible. For us the whole point of a guild is to make games more fun by playing with others that share our play style and with whom we can play better as a team. If you don't want to play with other members then why join a guild?

2.3 Support other members
You are expected at all times to support your fellow members. This includes helping each other when being attacked, with quests, resources, in-game problems and offering moral support. Remember we are not competing against each other. We are a team and we should be working together to meet our guilds objectives as well as advancing our own skills. In all Lux Divisions your guild mates come first!

2.4 Be the best that you can
Much of our success in each of our game Divisions is down to the skill of our individual members, so we encourage you all to become the best that you can at playing a game. Take the time to become an expert in the full range of in-game skills at your disposal, learning fully about the game itself, and above all sharing what you learn and ways to play better with your guild mates.

3. Code of Conduct

3.1 Respect Others
All guild members and guests will at all times show respect to each other even if they do not share the same views. We do not tolerate rudeness or personal attacks of any kind either in-game or via these forums. If any player feels that another player has behaved badly towards them they should always contact a Game Moderator, Guild Officer or Guild Leader privately and explain what happened.

3.2 Player Disputes
All guild members and guests are required to resolve any disputes with other players in private and in a mature way. There will be zero tolerance of any public disputes either in-game or via these forums. If players are unable to resolve a dispute privately then they should contact a Game Moderator, Guild Officer or Guild Leader or a who will resolve it for them! Please remember we are team and should be working together!

3.3 Internal Behaviour
The so called "drama queen" has no place in this guild. We have all seen what guild drama can do to people and communities so we seek to eliminate it at all costs. Anyone who continually stirs up arguments, flames, or causes any other sort of unrest will be dealt with harshly.

Always take some time to THINK before you speak or post, and don't take offense easily! It is very easy to phrase things badly or say something quickly you did not really mean, especially if English is not your first language. We all do it! So before taking offense or responding take some time for the other person to correct what they said or ask to clarify what they meant. 9/10 what you took as being offensive was not intended!

3.4 External Behaviour
When dealing with other players in-game please try to keep arguments and disputes to a minimum. If there has been an argument with a person or group, make sure you discuss it with a Game Moderator, Guild Officer or Guild Leader before escalating the situation further!

When you are in this guild please remember that you represent us in everything you do and say in-game and on any forums where you display our tag, and the way you interact with others can have a HUGE impact on how well we meet our in-game objectives and are perceived by others.

3.5 Policy Changes
Guild Policy can often be a very hot and drama causing topic within a guild. As such the following rules must be followed at all times. Please remember that joining this guild means you agree to abide by these rules, so no complaining later that you did not know how we operate!

If you feel that a guild policy or rule is not well implemented or needs to be changed, you can either voice your opinion via these forums or discuss it privately with a Game Moderator, Guild Officer or Guild Leader. If you choose to post on our forums then your post must be friendly and constructive. We will NOT tolerate any negativity, whining or 'rant' style posts. Such posts will likely be removed and the poster given a warning.

Any objections to guild policy or suggestions for change will first be discussed privately by either a Division's Game Moderators or a Featured Game's Guild Council who may or may not seek further opinion from guild members or the Lux Arcana Council before a decision is reached. All decisions made by our Game Moderators, Guild Councils, or the Lux Arcana Council are final - please accept their decision gracefully even if it is not to your liking!

3.6 Player Inactivity
As a semi-casual guild it is perfectly acceptable for members and players to want to take 'time out' from Lux. However, it is also important for the smooth running of each game Division that the Game Moderators, Guild Officers or Guild Leaders are aware of players that are away from a game and for how long. If you are planning on being away from a specific game Division for more than a couple of weeks then all we ask is that you let us know!

The following rules on player inactivity in game Divisions (without prior notice) will be applied:

Recruits or Players - 14 days reminder, removal from a game rosters if no response to the reminder within 7 days
Full Lux Members - 14 days reminder (status = Inactive), 60 days removal from game rosters

Full guild members removed from an in-game roster will be classified as Retired on these forums for that game. Retired players will be re-invited automatically at any time in the future without needing to make a new application. Players that keep in contact regularly after 14 days with the definite intention of resuming play will simply be classified as Inactive. Recruits and Players removed from an in-game roster must re-apply.

These rules will be applied consistently and without exception, and in particular for Game Moderators and Guild Officers who are expected to be more active than most. Remember: if you wish to be away for a longer period that is fine - just let us know!

Note: While the above rules are the default in Lux Divisions, they may vary in some Featured Game Divisions.

3.7 Other Memberships
We don't believe that any player can devote themselves properly to more than one guild at the same time in the same game. It is therefore a strict condition of full Lux Arcana membership that you are not a member of more than one guild in the same game. You can of course be a member of Lux Arcana in one game but in another guild in another game. The only exception to this is that during your trial recruitment period in a particular game you may keep alts in your previous guild. However, once you are accepted as a full member you must remove all alts you have in other guilds in that game.

3.8 Leaving a Division
If you choose to leave or you are asked to leave a game Division for any reason then do so gracefully and without any drama! Please do not try to tarnish the reputation of the guild or any of its members on departure. Players leaving in this manner will have their leaving posts removed and be permanetly banned. You are of course free to make a leaving post, but keep it friendly and avoid long essays describing your reasons.

Everyone that leaves a game Division for whatever reason will be removed from the in-game roster and will loose access to member-only areas of this site. This will be done immediately and without exception, but is in no way intended to cause offence. Recruits that leave a Division will loose any awards or guild points they may have accumulated. Should they wish to return they must post a new application and go through a new trial period.

Full Lux Arcana members that leave a Division will just be classified as Retired for that game but will not loose any previous awards or guild points. Should full Lux Arcana members wish to return to a Division they will be immediately re-invited as a full member any time they wish.

3.9 Breaking the Rules
The guild policy we have is fair and is designed to provide a solid framework so that all members and guests know exactly what is acceptible and what is not. As such we hope that everyone will abide by our policy and enjoy the game!

All leaders and moderators can remove and ban players for breaking the rules. Depending on the severity of the rules broken up to three warnings can be given or, in the case of hacking or exploiting, no warning at all as the latter is something we take very seriously and will not tolerate.

Any player kicked from a division for breaking the rules may also be removed from Lux Arcana as a whole at the discretion of the Lux Admin Council. Anyone kicked from a division or from the guild may not return.

4. Division Management

4.1 Division Leadership
Our Featured Game Divisions are managed by one one more Division Leaders and our Member Games by one or more Game Moderators. These positions are only appointed by the Lux Elders Council and may not replace themselves. Both Division Leaders and Game Moderators are free to create their own in-game ranks, although only officers in Featured Games are recognised as official ranks on these forums with a place on our Councils.

4.2 Division Rules
In each of our divisions the Division Leaders and Game Moderators are free to manage their division in-game as they see fit provided they comply with this overall Guild Charter and rules we have for holding these positions. Where any division has any variations to our rules, or new rules, these will be clearly stated in a Division Rules post published as a sticky in the division's recruitment or public forum and linked on the division's New Applications post.

4.3 Division Funds
In most MMO game divisions our Division Leaders and Game Moderators will run a 'guild bank'. How this bank operates may vary from game to game, but it is usually setup to hold in-game funds required to pay guild expenses e.g. house rental, or for storing items to be sold for in-game cash.

While every division may run a guild bank differently, by default, in Lux Arcana all receipts to the guild bank in the form of items from guild events or received from players directly should be considered as donations. This means that if you give cash or items to the guild either directly or by attending events advertised as being for guild funds, then in no way should these be considered 'loans' with any expectation for something back or a 'refund'.

Any Division Leaders or Game Moderators that wish to run a guild bank differently are free to do so provided this is done failry and it is clearly advertised to division members via the Division Rules. If no alternative system is advertised to members the default rules stated here will apply.

While a Lux division is active and has active leadership then it is the responsibility of its leadership to manage guild funds as long a this is clearly advertised if different to the rules stated here. Should the division close, these rules will be applied unless any division rules clearly state otherwise.

4.4 Division Closure
When Divison Leaders or Game Moderators step down it is the responsibility of the Lux Elders Council to manage their replacement. If no replacements can be found then a division will close (as we do not have leaderless divisions).

In the event that a Lux divison has to close due to lack of players, no leadership or game closure, then it is the responsibility of the Lux Elders Council to manage the closure of the division as they see fit.

When a division closes all members will be removed from the in-game roster and will loose access to any member-only forums for that division, although in most cases these private forums will be opened to the whole community.

Where a division does not have any clear rules in place as to how their 'guild bank' operates differently from the default rules specified in this section, then what happens to any remaining cash or items in the bank will be decided by the Lux Elders Council. In most cases the guild bank will be left intact in case the division should re-open later.

When a division closes in Lux Arcana a 'tag holder' will usually be appointed. This is a senior guild member who agrees to leave one 'Alt' in the game as the leader of that division, and with the understanding that should enough members request to re-start the division in the future, the leadership will be handed back to a new Division Leader or Game Moderator appointed by the Lux Elders Council.


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