Guild Structure

Lux Arcana is a multi-game guild with a focus on MMO games. While there are many styles of multi-game guild, for us the multi-game guild concept is all about having the option to play as many games as we like with our existing online friends without the hassle of finding a new guild to join each time.

In addition, Lux Arcana’s focus has always been to provide a stable guild for mature gamers that is not going to suddenly dissapear two weeks after it was formed because the leaders got bored. We are highly organised in our Featured Games, although our Member Games are run much more casually.

Game Categories

The games we play are categorized as follows:

Featured Games

These are games that we have decided to play for the medium to long-term, and in which our guild is dedicated to doing the best it can to both meet the main in-game objectives and to provide members with the best possible experience. Our Featured Game divisions always have at least 20 active members, have a full in-game leadership structure, and have a formal in-game trial recruitment process that leads to full membership of Lux Arcana in all games.

New Featured Game divisions can only be set-up with the full agreement of the Lux Elders Council, who are collectively responsible for appointing the Guild Leaders, who must have been on either the Lux Admin Council or Lux Elders Council previously.

Member Games

These are the games that our members play in addition to our Featured Games. Our involvement in these games is much more informal, and the effort we put in to meeting a game’s main objectives much more casual. Member Games are formally recognized when at least 6 full Lux Arcana members are playing a game regularly together using the Lux Arcana tag or untagged. New Member Games receive their own subforum and Mumble channel.

Member Games that use the Lux Arcana tag must have one or more Game Moderators.

Player Ranks

While player rank names may differ on our Featured Game division sub-sites, on this portal they are as follows:

Guild Member

Guild Members are full Lux Arcana members that have at some point in the past completed a trial recruitment period in a Featured Game division. Guild Members are free to join any Featured Game or Member Game division without any trial recruitment period.

Guild Recruit

Guild Recruits are players that are currently on a trial recruitment period in one or more Featured Game divisions. Guild Recruits are free to play any Featured Games or Member Games, but if they fail their trial then they cannot continue in that Featured Game regardless of other games.

Game Player

Game Players are new players that have joined us in one or more Member Games. As our Member Games have no trial recruitment period, a Game Player is effectively a semi-permanent ‘recruit’. A Game Player may only become a full Guild Member by either passing a trial recruitment period in a Featured Game division, or if the Member Game he or she is playing progresses to Featured Game status. If a Member Game becomes a Featured Game then any Game Players in that game will have their previous activity evaluated and a decision made on full membership.

Other ranks you may see on these portal forums:

Division Leader

This is a Guild Leader of one or more Featured Game divisions.

Division Officer

This is an officer in one or more Featured Game divisions.

Game Moderator

This a player that is responsible for one or more Member Games. A Game Moderator is effectively a guild leader and officer combined, and is responsible (often with other Game Moderators) for managing a Member Game, including arranging  groups, recruitment, forum moderation etc…

Guild Leadership

The day-to-day management of the guild is handled by the Lux Admin Council. This council consists of our active Division Leaders, Division Officers, and Game Moderators. The Lux Admin Council is responsible for recruitment, promotion, resolving any player issues and website moderation.

We also have a Lux Elders Council that includes both the Lux Admin Council and senior guild members. The Lux Elders Council is responsible for appointing our Division Leaders and Game Moderators, approving new game divisions and proposing changes to overall guild policy.

While the Lux Elders Council does have the right to propose changes to how any game division is managed or lead, it is generally the case that Division Leaders, Division Officers and Game Moderators are left to manage their games as they see fit, provided they do so within Lux Arcana guild policy.

Our Guild Founder, Belteyn, is responsible for ensuring  that our multi-game guild is run efficiently, and that we keep to our core focus which is to provide a friendly, fair and stable gaming community for the mature player. He is also the overall website administrator.