Crime and Disorder: Piracy in ArcheAge

The Black Pearl

So you want to be a Pirate?

One of the great things about ArcheAge is the amount of choices the game lets you have.  Are you going to focus on building your homestead and raising fluffy chicks, playing the ‘stock’market via the Auction House to become an all powerful merchant able to raise an army of mercenaries to take out your rivals whilst keeping your own hands clean, or simply leaving your home behind and taking to the High Seas, attacking and plundering anything that crosses your path?

The choice really is yours.

But, as with all choices in life, your decisions will not be without consequences.


Turning to the Dark Side…

If the pirate life is truly the life for you, then it’s going to take some work to get you there.  You need to build up your reputation as a derdoing, devil-may-care rogue and that takes time and dedication.

Starting off initially means confining yourself to stealing other peoples’ plants and animals if they’ve been foolish enough to try and raise them away from the safety of the housing areas.  Make sure to have your glider with you, then go scale those seemingly inaccessible mountaintops and you are likely to find some hidden little farm plot that some weasley, too-tight-to-pay-taxes little creep has planted.

Take some time enjoying uprooting those saplings and young plants – even better if they’re fully grown so you get some nice materials you can sell off later for 100% profit. You will notice that you are leaving your criminal calling card: red footprints will spring up on the ground to proudly proclaim “I woz ‘ere“.   (Thinking about it, the damn government should be giving you a medal for doing this and maybe even appoint you chief tax enforcer – there’s really no justice in life…)


Once you are feeling powerful enough, go wait out in the seas in between the two continents to catch unsuspecting traders as they attempt to cross and deliver their goods.  Finish them off fast, leave their red blood dripping into the sea as evidence of your good works and make sure to pick up the remnants of their tradepacks – 100% profit all over again…

Pretty soon your rep as a rogue will become well known, and the authorities will mark you as a wanted man (or woman).  Get yourself to 3000 infamy points and you’ll instantly be kicked by the game from your guild and placed into the pirate faction.


You can now go experience the joys of killing anyone without a downside, getting an extra damage buff from Freedich – the pirates’ island – and maybe even walk around with a parrot on your shoulder if birds really are your thing.

The downside?

Whilst you can kill with joyous abandon without fear of being sent to prison again (so long as you restrict your murdering rampages to the High Seas and not the southern continents), you break off all contact with the ‘civilised’ world, becoming unable to communicate with non-pirate faction citizens.  You’ll also find it pretty impossible to own property on the southern continents as you’re marked as ‘kill on sight’ to all law-abiding citizens and guards (and boy do those guards hit hard).

Go to Jail

Pirates in Lux Arcana

Lux Arcana is of course a law-abiding guild that utterly condemns all acts of criminality.

We are entirely committed to Nuia’s long-standing fight against the ravages of piracy and will continue to fully support the ongoing strategies of the Nuian alliance to combat these roguish renegades.

Well, that’s the official position at least.

After all, what happens offshore stays offshore…

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  1. Keegar at

    Piracy sounds interesting, but it doesn’t seem to be a “beginners” strategy! Who knows, one day…

    1. Maejohl at

      Quite right – better to get yourself up towards level 50 (because you won’t be able to do any of the starting continent quests once you go rogue) and then take to the seas!

  2. Vorax at

    Another one for the bucket list, a fully lvled pirate alt:)

  3. Beornin at

    Side-career as a hobby pirate?

  4. Robaroo at

    Alt career pirate…

    I would strongly suggest gearing up your char before rolling to the “Arr Ye Wee” faction :)

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