Lux Arcana ArcheAge launch – village goal success!

Birchkeep Target Location

After a very shaky start to the launch with many people disconnecting, very long queues and the like, we managed to get the Lux Village in place!  The above picture shows what our targets were.

This picture shows an aerial view of what has been taken by all guilds in the area:

Aerial view of the area

And this picture shows what part of that aerial view is the Lux Arcana village (looking at it from the other side to the picture above:

Lux Arcana Village

Well done to everyone!

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Comments (14)

  1. Beornin at

    Well done!

  2. Eyekon at


  3. Thunder at

    Good job :)

  4. Vorax at


  5. Aethewyn at

    Excellent! :)

  6. Clikk at


  7. Pentorian at

    Wow great work.

    Due to long queues and work I have not had the chance to log in yet! Hopefully later today.

  8. Boomus at

    Seems we almost won the game ;)

  9. Mprov at

    was fun getting there

  10. Aurelle at

    That’s quite an achievement, given launch conditions….well done everybody!

  11. Wasp at

    Awesome! Well done all!

  12. Silv at

    Cool, well done guys.

  13. Crimson at

    Woop woop! Once I found a place to live and taken my computer out of storage. I will join in.

  14. Six at


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