Lux Arcana on the High Seas!

An article from the front lines by our official War Correspondent, Dukey


So we went off on our usual run about the seas and came across the picture below; we took it and killed 3 crew.

Fishing Boat!

Next we sidled up the Haranyan Coast and came across a few clippers, they despawned but we killed their pilots.

Just after this just outside the the main port we came across a trade ship, they managed to get into safe water but were weren’t beaten. We moved a little out to sea, took out 2 clippers and their crews whilst they were fishing and then we headed north just a bit further up from where we saw the trade ship.

Maejohl got eyes on the trade ship once again and we all engaged it. They moved into shallower water but by that time we had them, they out numbered us but we got involved anyway. We killed at least 15 of them and many of them dropped trade packs. However we were beaten off: two loaded clippers came in to back up the trade ship and they wiped us out. But Lux isn’t beaten easily!

We formed up on another clipper and sped back to where we had our battle. Sauyri had eyes on as he spawned on the eastern continent, but as we arrived another Western group had managed to take out the two clippers, grab some packs and the trade ship was nowhere to be seen.

So off we went. We circled the southern Sea of Auroria and came down the western coast hoping to find an enemy clipper or two. All of a sudden we were engaged by 2 enemy galleons who appeared as if from nowhere out of the sea mists.  Assuming them to be heavily crewed, the order was given for evasive manoeuvres – we were a lot faster and pulled away from the galleons before they could bring their broadsides to bear.  But then our lookout noticed that the galleons’ numbers were equal to ours, so we tacked around the island ready to engage them on our terms.

Captured Merchantman

“Tradeship spotted!” was heard off the starboard bow, so we quickly changed targets and engaged the merchantman!  We took the tradeship with relative ease (there were only 5 crew): we took out the captain quickly and our valiant boys and girls stormed the ship killing everyone aboard…

However as we took the tradeship we were engaged once again by one of the galleons we’d seen earlier. They fired upon us volley after volley and we returned fire from our newly captured ship.  This, coupled with our healers’ efforts to keep us alive kept the fight hard until the ‘Owner’s mark’ wore off from the tradeship. Once it was gone Matyas took control and piloted us out, accompanied by Shadeless and his small team who kept the Galleon off to the last second so we could escape.

And we did, with 19 tradepacks!

After this we headed west, eventually reaching Ezna harbour, triumphant and in high spirits.  We handed in the packs, posed for a few pics and signed a few autographs…

Delivery for you sir!

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