Lux Arcana’s first week in ArcheAge!

Lux Arcana plans its land grab

Lux Arcana plans its landgrab

What a launch!  After weeks and some tense final hours of planning, amending and re-planning our launch strategies those of us who were able to get into the game for headstart had a great, adrenalin-fuelled rush into the game.  And for those of us who have been fortunate enough to actually play in the week since launch, what a week!

We’ve had a great launch as a guild, with the ‘land grabs’ going according to plan, and the Lux Arcana Village (heck it’s so large it’s almost a town…) set out and starting to take shape. In fact, the picture below does not do it justice as we have a good number of house and large farm plots just outside the yellow boundary line.

The Lux Arcana Village

The Lux Arcana Village

We’ve also had great successes on the trading front, with many members getting their large farms all at once during a tense and swift voyage across the seas to the hand-in point at the Eastern continent.  Whilst some enemy faction players looked as though they initially might engage in some naval warfare, they backed off when they realised the size of the force they would be facing!

Waiting for the Airship

Waiting for the Airship

Our members have also been busy in PvP, both on land and at sea, launching attacks against the enemy faction and securing their trade assets, destroying their farms and generally raising merry hell at every opportunity!

Target acquired...

Target acquired…

Yes there are the annoying bugs, Patron issues and absolutely game-killing queue times at the moment and Trion has been ridiculously inept at anticipating and frustratingly slow at resolving the queues.  Hopefully, as with nearly every other MMO launch, things will start to get better as the days go on and then all of our Luxies (both old and new) can really get going in the game together!

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  1. Eyekon at

    Good write up. Although there has been bugs, I’ve had a lot of fun in the game so far!

  2. Strange
    Strange at

    Looking forward to actually getting in-game! Good to hear we’ve done well, great job :-)

  3. Aurelle at

    Amen to the last paragraph! But in all seriousness, Lux Arcana has started as it means to carry on. And it is a testament to the game’s excellence that most people are willing to endure the queues and other issues.

  4. Thunder at

    very nice post :)

  5. Trumppa at

    Great, waiting to get there too. One of these days im gonna defeat the queueBOss, and maybe even get to play some..

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