2 weeks to go: Guild Council appointed

With only two weeks now remaining until the planned launch of  Darkfall: Unholy Wars, I am very pleased to be able to confirm the appointment of a Guild Council to help lead the Lux Arcana Darkfall Division.  For the uninitiated, Guild Council is the group of officers which is appointed every 4 months to help the guild leader run the guild, both in game and on the Lux Arcana community portal and forums.  Later in the the life of the guild, senior guild members will also be able to earn their place on the Guild Council.

Each officer position has specific responsibilities, designed to cover the different aspects of Darkfall.  The officer positions are listed below – but bear in mind that their actual titles might change depending on how the ranking system works in DF:UW.

The Deputy Guild Leader

The most senior guild officer position, responsible for the day to day running of the guild in the guild leader’s absence.

Special skills required: Ability to cope with a leader well known for his zen-like approach to guild management.

The Military General

This officer is responsible for everything PvP, including planning sieges, leading raid events and providing PvP training.  They are assisted by a deputy military leader (the Major) and by a team of Lieutenants within the game, all of whom help the Military General in ensuring that Lux Arcana is as PvP ready as possible.

Special skills required: Calm and tranquility in the face of adversity.

The Trader General

This officer provides the financial lifeblood for the guild.  Tasked with running the internal guild market system, as well as identifying potential new sources of income and planning guild group PvE and gathering events to help boost guild resources, the Trader General is assisted by a team of Merchants, who each hold the rank of Captain in game.

Special skills required: To be able to sell you the shirt off your back.

The Ambassador General

Responsible for recruitment, political and diplomatic relations and intelligence gathering, this officer is the literal ambassador for the guild.  The role is a busy one (especially at launch) and there will be a lot to keep this officer busy.

Special skills required: Able to pluck own chicken for hat.

So, please welcome your first Lux Arcana, Darkall:Unholy Wars Guild Council!

  • LeaderMaejohl
  • Deputy LeaderZig Zag
  • Ambassador GeneralSnap
  • Military GeneralKeegar
  • Trader GeneralIvinedra

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Comments (19)

  1. Aurelle
    Aurelle at

    A formidable line-up indeed.

    Congratulations to all those appointed, and my sincere condolences to Zig Zag for having drawn the short straw !!

    1. Keegar at


  2. reunen
    reunen at

    Grats :)

  3. Snap at

    Dusting of my monocle! :D

    1. Ivinedra at

      Don’t forget the top hat and glass of fancy wine!

  4. lahmage
    lahmage at

    Pretty dissapointed that edgar isn’t guild leader

    GL all

    Im sure ill be interacting with you guys a lot in game if you catch my drift LALALALALLA /hides

    1. Keegar at

      getting teabagged is interaction now?

  5. varg
    varg at

    Gratz guys :)

  6. thunder
    thunder at

    gz guys :)

    1. thunder
      thunder at

      Note: I can be a sergeant if needed. (Not sure what your calling them know) :D

  7. franko
    franko at


  8. natris
    natris at

    Gratz guys and I wish you a lot of fun doing the often tiring work that is running the guild!

  9. pinner
    pinner at

    gratz guys looking forward to get to know you all besides Mae i’ve already had the pleasure (not)

  10. Vorax
    Vorax at


  11. kiril
    kiril at

    Well done all!

  12. scarlet
    scarlet at

    Very nice line-up indeed! You’ve certainly made very good use of everyone’s special skills, talents and experience.

    Can I be Admiral? (If you recall I lost my first and only ship on the very first outing.)

  13. blodfjert
    blodfjert at

    Congrats all! =)

  14. boomus
    boomus at

    Now that is a Council I’d be happy to follow!

  15. extreme
    extreme at

    Congratz to everyone :)

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