Angfrost defended!

Yesterday evening Angfrost was sieged, and tonight it was up to Plan B alliance, Neanias alliance and ANG alliance to defend the city against AQ, Aesir, SUN, TFK, Liandri, DPC, Mindless Gaming, Bindstone Bandits, Ankeborg, Rats in the Hats, Malus Spiritus and Zagenda.

The evening started with us grouping up inside Angfrost, and our opponents at the siegestones, which were placed behind a big tree across the water south of Angfrost. We rode around the lake and came up from their east. We clashed and had a huge fight. After many casualties on both sides, we eventually got pushed back and were forced to retreat to the city.

We regrouped there and tried to surprise our opponents. We headed out west and swam across the water, where we came in our opponents west side this time. The surprise flank seemed to work, and our warriors charged in heroically on their mounts. Again, we managed to kill a lot of opponents, but our squishy line was struggling as well. The fight eventually seemed to turn towards our opponents again, but as our casualties geared back up and reinforced the main body again, we managed to slowly turn the fight around. Suddenly, we were flanked by 20-30 opponents, and once again we were forced to retreat.


We licked our wounds, and decided that although we had lost twice, we were definitely doing a lot of damage and we had a shot at taking them down. First, though, we waited for them to take some initiative. After a while they spawned a Junk (6 cannons a side) and a Launch (1 cannon) to try and take down our Fighter’s Guild, our Bank and our two Guardtowers. The range of their ships were long enough for them to be able to hold the south shore and shoot our city from afar.

We decided to charge them again, and went all the way around west again. We pushed them into the water and did quite well, and even forced the Junk out of the fight by despawning it, but we were eventually flanked by a group of TFK. They didn’t catch us by surprise, but the added numbers made it very difficult for us. Although we killed a good number of people again, we were forced to cut our losses and retreat.

As we regrouped at Angfrost, they spawned a Brigantine and started pounding the city with its cannons, as did their Launch. They took down the Fighter’s Guild and attacked the Bank and a Guard Tower. We pushed in our Warriors and Skirmishers straight through the water in an attempt to capture the boat and take it out of the fight, before quickly pulling back to Angfrost. Although yours truly heroically made it to the steering wheel and sailed the boat back a quarter of the way towards Angfrost, I was focused down from their side of the coast, and we did not manage to capture the ship.


We tried yet another tactic, and decided to spawn small boats on different sides and used the cannons to flank and shoot their ships. It diverted their attention and the firing on the city slowed down considerably. As the fight lasted longer, it became clear that they were struggling to keep steady fire on the city whilst we harassed them like this. We decided to spawn a Junk ourselves as well and used it to fire at their Brigantine and Launch. After a long and heavy fight in and around the water, our Elementalist focus firing managed to take their Brigantine out of the fight (along with me on it :( ), as did our Warriors pushing on and off it constantly. Our Skirmishers were in the water focus firing individual enemies, and our Primalists were on the shore healing people. We managed to despawn our Junk and retreated back into the city.

After they regrouped, they attempted to attack the city again with a number of small ships, but they had to bring these in closer. We kept them off on the shore as well as we could, but they eventually managed to take the southern Guard Tower down. At this point however we had stalled a lot of time, so they were forced to push into the city and use battlespikes to try and take down our clanstone, and win the siege.


We used the northern Guard Tower as a healing point and kept pushing into them to disrupt the battlespiking. It took 45 minutes, during which every time an enemy or friendly died, their corpses were foebringered and repelled into the Guard Tower range to secure ganks and rezzes. Manball skills count in this game!

But we managed to hold the bindstone area, and win the siege. Great job to all involved, and good fights :)



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Comments (10)

  1. Maejohl at

    Great write up!

    Amusing that Edgar’s junk won the siege…

  2. Dotix
    Dotix at

    Good fight zap tower, good fight indeed.

  3. varg
    varg at

    Gratz on defending the city! Great write up sounds like you guys had a blast. =)

  4. leita
    leita at

    Awesome! Many cheers and well done Luxies!

  5. Falsko
    Falsko at

    Malus Spiritus were on your side – we attacking the attackers.

  6. thunder
    thunder at

    Good job! :)

  7. shul
    shul at

    It is beyound doubt that LUX manball meta won the fight.

    1. Vorax
      Vorax at

      Its the ele’s that won the fight:)

  8. ecthelion
    ecthelion at

    I have only been in the clan for a week and in DFUW for about 3 but last night was a lot of fun, although it cost me almost every set of armour I had lol. Was definitely the most fun I have had in game up to now :)

  9. elrinasannes
    elrinasannes at

    Nice write up and nice to see you had fun and won .Good luck .

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