The Blood Bilge piracy

Darkfall seatower

With a small fishing trawler, a hundred black powder, ten repair shards and a Frisky mood, Maejohl, Subli and Snap set sail for the open waters of Agon. We were on a quest, on a quest to snatch the spoils of the Blood Bilge seatower.

After sailing through calm waters, not encountering a soul we arrived just before the seatower went live. We circled around and noticed that the tower wasn’t being hit. If the tower wasn’t being shot then surely cannon fire was aimed at different targets. Blood was being spilled at the Blood Bilge seatower! Just as our captain Subli turned his ship away from the tower a large schooner appeared on our stern. Manning the rear cannon, Maejohl traded fire with the schooner. We quickly noticed that the enemy schooner was trading fire with a ship to its rear as well. Outgunned, we turned the ship out of the schooner’s cannon arcs and vanished in the dark of night.

Fishing trawler

Silence returned around us.

We sailed for a while, staying close to the tower. We spotted a small ship full of raiders but except for some exchange of fire no big engagements happened. Shortly after we spotted that the seatower started to take heavy cannon fire. On the opposite side of the tower a large ship was firing its broadside and it was clear that the battle for the seatower was soon to come to an end.

Angling our only cannon towards the tower Maejohl took aim and fired round after round at the tower. The seatower lottery was being played and we had bought our ticket.

1% left, reload, boom, CAPTURE! With mumble and global chat going ballistic we unfurled sails and bolted away. Being a near liability in combat it has to be said, Maejohl sure does know how to handle a cannon.

Keeping in mind that the Blood Bilge seatower is the smaller of the two seatowers found in Agon we got some nice booty.

Seatower loot

What’s more is that the seatower offers its own area of influence, a zone in Agon where Frisky Business™ members will get enhanced loot and prowess gains.

Seatower AOI

Time to head to the nearest tavern and drink up our spoils.

And who knows, perhaps next time we’ll gun for the big treasures!

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    “Maejohl sure does know how to handle a cannon.”

    I’ve always done well with a large weapon in my hands.

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    nice article snap :D

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    Frisky by name Frisky by nature – epic

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