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I am pleased to be able to announce that we have a number of Clan awards that have been achieved and are being awarded this week.

City Builder Awards I, II and III

Uldalas has been awarded the City Builder I award for contributing over 25k gold equivalent of mats.

I have been awarded City Builder I and II awards for contributing over 50k gold equivalent of mats.

Wulfi has come in with an amazing 80k+ gold equivalent of mats, and has achieved City Builder I, II and III awards!

Thanks to ALL of you who have been contributing what you can towards our city building effort – keep it going!  See this link for more information about the City Builder Awards and how you can help to get our city built.

Clan Dominion Points Awards

When a recruit or member achieves 5000 dominion points  they receive the tier 1 Clan Dominion Points award to recognise their work in developing their character within our clan.  Both Agust and Cerb have now smashed through the 5k Dominion Points mark and so receive the award.


Please join me in congratulating our members!

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    Grats all!

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    Amazing! Nice work guys!

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    Congratz all

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    great job and hat off especially to wulfi!

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