Diplomatic Immunity?

Within Darkfall 1.0 there were many different groups of players, each with their own political agenda, fighting for control over specific areas of the map. One of Darkfall’s true ‘sandbox’ features, the politics generated by these clans’ motives had a major impact on how the game was played, even affecting the decisions individual players would take in deciding how they would journey across Agon’s vast regions.

Some clans took the level of politics even further, establishing networks of spies in opposing clans to gather intelligence on their enemies. These spies would go along playing as if they were actually interested in becoming part of a clan, the whole time reporting anything they found back to their masters. This was usually done during the peacetime leading up to massive wars, although not always.

In Darkfall 1.0 at the start of the war with SUN, Lux Arcana itself was infiltrated by a SUN general called Lego Dark, using the name Nero Vega to join us as a recruit. Happily he wasn’t the most subtle of spies, so we were able to spot him early on and enjoyed using him to feed false information back to the deathstar.

Throughout Darkfall 1.0, alliances, the game’s forums (known to players as ‘Forumfall’) and spies helped to spice up the political landscape. Forumfall itself can be thanked for the political evolution of the game, for starting (and ending) wars and for being the out-of-game battleground where many clans’ reputations were often forged or ruined.

With the release date of Darkfall: Unholy Wars drawing ever closer, the political temperature is already rising rapidly and everyone’s hope is that this will help contribute towards a real blockbuster of a game launch.

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  1. Vorax
    Vorax at

    “With the release date of Darkfall: Unholy Wars drawing ever closer, the political temperature is already rising rapidly”

    Its already at overheating, some of the treads on forumfall are hilarious. Also note all those clans saying they will go solo at launch, something LA pretty much pioneered.

  2. Maejohl at

    To be fair, Vorax, there were quite a few clans who were solo at the last launch (Nadirian Hordes being one example) but who then had to ally up some weeks in, after the formation of the mega-alliances gave no one a choice. Lux Arcana was, though, the first clan of any real size to choose to go it completely alone after these mega-alliances left the game.

    Nice write up Ivi!

  3. BartyBurty at

    Very nice article Ivi. Your diplomatic immunity may well come in handy in DF:UW!!

  4. vanya
    vanya at

    SUN huh? Those two-timing, double-crossing hustlers.

    Very nice article. But too short! I wanted it to be longer.

  5. subli
    subli at

    *gives ivi the innocent look*

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