Fond memories of Darkfall 1.0 while we wait

With only (hopefully) a few days left until launch, we look back at some of the fun times that Lux Arcana had in Darkfall 1.0…

Nym’s amazing “Agon Shipping Co” EU server events:

Lahmage’s death or glor… – wait – death run in some random PvP against Wessex:

Lux does its own thing, as ever – this time going it alone and trying a regional control playstyle, when the rest of the server was trying to secure as many holdings as possible all over different parts of the world. We even got a dev spotlight for it! – The Lux Arcana Protectorate

Some fun PvP trips with ZigZag and friends:

The epic defence of Zagenda’s city of Dayar against the rampaging hordes of SUN and Liandri (it’s a magic spamfest – we don’t have this sense of epic fighting in the new yet, DF but it’s getting there!

And finally, building the Wonder at Serruk (this seems to have been filmed on max settings – shows you how much the new DF:UW graphics have improved!):

Fun times were had – and we are looking forward to many more in Darkfall Unholy Wars!

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  1. jackzoltos
    jackzoltos at

    Oh yes great moments indeed! Been watching alot of videos on youtube lately aswell.

    This one is also good:

    Especially at 05.39 when Mae says: “Ok Maejohl is down…at my location” :)

    1. Maejohl at

      Someone is doing a very bad impression of my voice in that video…

  2. Vorax
    Vorax at

    Fun times! And i am looking forward to having allot fun playing DFUW!

  3. shul
    shul at

    I tried to find that one video against sun with cydonian knights soundtrack. But I only came up with this. Look at Trung’s 2 in one shot here.

  4. Keegar at

    and more good times ahead! :)

  5. arcturus
    arcturus at

    hummm Toast.

  6. lahmage
    lahmage at

    Sometimes you just have to man up!

  7. fionn
    fionn at

    Lol, Trung is funny in that video you linked Jack.

  8. jackzoltos
    jackzoltos at

    yup :)

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