Killing the monster of the deep

Organised by Fionn – Lux, Painkillers and Elders of Agon sailed out to kill one of the great monsters that lies in the seas of Agon.

A monster that has been the bane of many great ships and swallowed up many sailors.

We sailed to kill the Kraken!

Sailing out to kill the kraken

We planned to use a flotilla of 5 small ships (‘Launches’) to surround and bombard the Kraken with cannon fire.

Shooting at the kraken

By some great teamwork we were able to take the monster down!

Sadly some of us died in the great battle before we could slay the beast…

Kraken monster


As great as the beast was it sadly must have been a very young one of its kind since the reward for killing it was very underwhelming.

The honour at least, though, was ours and the seas of Agon are safe to sail once again.


At least for a while…

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  1. blackmeat
    blackmeat at

    At least we can say we have killed the kraken!! :)

  2. shul
    shul at

    It seems Kraken is not very apt at hoarding…crap loot.

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