A real Estate!

Ever seen the message of someone winning the lottery?

Well here’s what happened today….


A group of around 10 Luxies left for a gathering event hoping to come home with a good amount of iron ore.  Arriving at our chosen harvesting location Rob Khoury spotted a chaos chest nearby.

Running over to the chaos chest and expecting the usual 100 gold drop he joked: “If I get a house deed, I’m not sharing!”.  

Then suddenly… a (very) high pitched squeal, followed by a giggle. “Hey guys, I got a keep deed”. 

And apparently he did….

Keep deed

So our harvesting session quickly turned into a ‘find the keep spots’- event, with a group heading to the village of Mjoldenar in Tovarr Lands, a second group scouting the villages in Alfar lands, a third heading off the Elflands and a fourth off to Niffelheim.

The Inorgal village and Mjoldenar keeps were both already taken and we ware afraid that all keep spots would have been taken.

Luckily we saw that the Alfar village of Targus still had a free keep location.


After scouting the surroundings and deciding the location would be perfect, and probably the best one still free, Rob claimed it!

Keep owned by

It’s great having a keep in the clan. At a later stage once we have bought the ‘large guestroom furniture’ and a house bank it will be used by the clan as a mini-hamlet.

We’ll have easy access to Alfar and human lands and the village is reasonably close to the centre area as well.  Indeed, this keep is placed at such a good location at a time when good keep spots around the world are so rare, that this property is unbelievably valuable.

So – a very big congratulations to Rob Khoury, and to the clan!

Keep view

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Comments (22)

  1. Maejohl at

    An awesome result – congrats!

  2. gomaki
    gomaki at

    O that’s the chaos chest I left my deed in, silly me.

  3. Keegar at

    Just amazing. Incredibly lucky, and found it nicely in time to still claim an excellent spot! :D

  4. pogg
    pogg at

    Grats Khoury. :)

  5. voldemort
    voldemort at


  6. wasp
    wasp at

    Awesome! You had to top my cottage didn’t you!

  7. arcturus
    arcturus at

    Fantastic. I’ve never seen one up close.

  8. adreu
    adreu at

    Wow… amazing!

  9. gargojl
    gargojl at

    nice one, grats guys!

  10. greybeard
    greybeard at

    great job , pure adrenaline pumpin

  11. scarlet
    scarlet at

    Brilliant. Rob you lucky scoundrel!

  12. Vorax
    Vorax at

    Grats rob

  13. eyekon
    eyekon at

    Awesome!! Grats guys :)

  14. khoury
    khoury at

    Thanks guys, couldn’t have captured the keep without the great efforts of the guild :)

  15. fionn
    fionn at

    Nice one Rob, you lucky bastard. :)

  16. shul
    shul at

    Congratulations indeed.

  17. shul
    shul at

    No pun intended.

  18. zerk
    zerk at

    fantastic guys!

  19. vaeryn
    vaeryn at

    Go go RNG. I knew you could be bribed !

  20. cirva
    cirva at

    Big gratz Rob!

    I looted a bookshelf the other day from a chaos chest if that would be of any help.
    If not I’ll just sell it for the money.

    Regards Cirva

  21. khoury
    khoury at

    thanks Cirva, but you would be better of selling it for a profit :)

  22. scrotie
    scrotie at

    “Running over to the chaos chest and expecting the usual 100 gold drop he joked: “If I get a house deed, I’m not sharing!””.

    Ahaha, what balls : P

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