Lux Arcana’s new alliance for DF:UW launch


I have for some months now been working very hard behind the political scenes to find us a strong ally for the launch of Darkfall:Unholy Wars.

We have obviously in the past  experienced alliances with a number of some of Darkfall 1’s best clans: from our days in Stasis at the game’s start, Unknown Alliance some months later and then in the temporary alliance that helped bring about the downfall of SUN.

What many of you will not have known whilst that last war was going on, was that Frank Sinatra (the main spokesperson/public leader of SUN) and I kept the channels of  communication open at all times.  Even though our clans were the bitterest of enemies as the battles raged, Frank and I were getting on famously behind the scenes.  (Indeed, many of you will know that this was often the way in the major wars with each side’s generals fêting the other’s during private drinks parties, whilst their soldiers fought on).

From our conversations, it became clear that we could work well together.  So, when the developers announced the launch of DF:UW, Frank and I started tentatively discussing an alliance between our two clans.  After all, if the leaders can get on well then it’s clear that the clan members will do too.

As you might be able to see from the time  (it’s a little after 0100 GMT), I have just come to the end of my latest round of discussions with Frank Sinatra and I am very pleased to be able to announce that we have agreed that Lux Arcana and SUN will enter the arena of DF:UW as allies.   The alliance will simply be called “LA SUN”.

LA SUN will live out of the cities of Andruk and MarShral – given that we will be creating by far and away the largest force on the server we believe that we can politically justify holding 2 cities within the alliance.  We have also agreed on a logo for our new alliance , which is suitably a merger of our clans’ own two logos – we both think the merger of the logos helps represent the merging of our 2 clans into one, harmonious whole:


So, I hope you will all join me in welcoming SUN members when they start to log into our new alliance Mumble server (details will be circulated after around 1200 GMT  today)!


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Comments (18)

  1. franksinatra
    franksinatra at

    As Maejohl has said, this is truly a good time for our two clans – a meeting of minds!

    It’s great to be on board – good luck to everyone!

  2. franko
    franko at

    It is very nice post but DF UW will never be done, so we can make alliance playing MAHJONG!!!

  3. adreu
    adreu at

    Wonderful news.

    Franko, a little faith… it’s going to happen.

  4. elrinasannes
    elrinasannes at

    i just cannot figure is joke that you think DF:UW will be released any time soon or ally with SUN :P

  5. Vorax
    Vorax at

    Oh come one, the SOTL of Angfrost was way better.

  6. Snap at

    You have my sword!

  7. Aurelle
    Aurelle at

    Go LA SUN……here’s to many successful sieges!

  8. hawklane
    hawklane at

    first april:)))

  9. finnab
    finnab at

    good one!

  10. fionn
    fionn at

    What an epic new logo, we’ll have to order some T-Shirts for our first alliance real life meeting!

  11. Kael Vhek
    Kael Vhek at

    Good to hear the news about this ! Kraken Bait ready to do what we can to help our Lux brothers and sisters !

  12. Kael Vhek
    Kael Vhek at

    until i realized what day it was, u bastards lol

  13. boomus
    boomus at

    Very nice read :)
    Let the LA SUN shine!

  14. thunder
    thunder at

    Looked true…until i saw 1st april :)

    Your not fooling me sorry :)

  15. adreu
    adreu at

    So many unbelievers, so many unfaithful… oh when la sun shines the clouds of skepticism will disperse – then you will know.

  16. Heldana
    Heldana at

    LA SUN …. rofl … good one Maejohl <3

  17. Zigzag at

    la sun! Sounds rather french

  18. Keegar at

    Hahahaha love it

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