Lux Arcana returns to Darkfall Unholy Wars!

Darkfall Total Recall

We have seen a large activity spike since the last two patches, with Luxies commenting really positively on the game itself, the change in the Darkfall community (which still has its idiots but seemingly fewer of them) and – perhaps most importantly – the huge change in Aventurine since December.

Aventurine has, simply put, become a new company.  They are communicating daily, with mods and devs even commenting on suggestions and requests for help on forumfall, as well as giving regular updates, patching on time and keeping their promises.  All of this has been unheard of in the entire previous life of the company – but it truly does seems as though we are now seeing Aventurine 2.0!

The Telescope

The recent roles patch has also increased population across the game.  It has made PvP much, much more exciting – you have no idea what is going to be facing you when you enter into combat.  This has, in turn, made some of the hardest forumfall trolls almost weep with happiness – there are even numerous “Thank you AV!” threads there…

So, Snap Out and I have taken the decision to bring Lux Arcana back into the game.  We have members who have been pushing for this for a couple of weeks now, and as leaders we think the time is right.  However (and it’s a BIG however!) do not expect Lux Arcana to be sieging and winning territory for a little while yet – we need to get our prowess up, learn the possibilities with the new roles and we must all also accept that activity levels are going to take their usual dip as the Summer holidays start in earnest.

Village requisitioning

What can you expect, then?

We will be holding between 2 – 4 events each week once members have transferred into us from Frisky Business: at least 2 PvE farming events to help build up clan funds and personal mats, as well as PvP duelling sessions.  Keep a daily eye on the Lux Events Calendar for more information!  We will also start actively recruiting, accepting old Darkfallers and new DFUWers alike.

So, time to drop that Frisky Business tab and apply ingame to join Lux Arcana!

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  1. Snap at

    \o/ Lux Arcanaaaaa!

  2. luculus at

    Good luck back in DFO. It does seem AV have finally grasped how to run a game :)

  3. greybeard at

    great stuff

  4. adreu at

    All the best – hope to see glory days return for Lux.

  5. Keegar at

    great news! Love the screenshots too. Recent patches have been great

  6. sammi at

    I will join u guys in the fall :)

  7. maddog at

    Looking good, might start playing again this winter.

  8. Vorax at

    Nice, not to find time to play.

  9. boomus at

    Great! All the new stuff gets me excited about the game again. Will wait a bit more though. ESO is a blast too :)

  10. sanctus at

    The changes look super interesting! Hoping for some free time soon

  11. jackzoltos at

    Great News. Not sure if Im ready to return to DF just yet, but maybe soon…

  12. Anediel at

    I am happy for you guys — enjoy and have fun :)

  13. scarlet at

    Count me in! Loving the game since the latest patches.

  14. heldana at


  15. nalle at

    Good stuff, the more the merrier. Ill see you guys around :)

  16. malebo at

    Give me more time !!! :D These are very exciting news !!! I want to come back ASAP.

  17. moorata at

    very cool.

  18. helmer at

    I will be ready to rock and roll after the summer vacation! Glad to be back!

  19. elrinasannes at

    Good Luck LUX :)

  20. thunder at

    Good luck guys! :)

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