Angfrost: The first fully (dev) built city in game


Last week we were contacted by Ramjesty (the Aventurine Community Liaison) to ask if our alliance would take part in a ‘siege’ to help the devs film a trailer for Darkfall: Unholy Wars and carry out their first server stress test.  Along with SUN’s and ANG’s alliances we all jumped at the chance to be part of the first mass battle of the game.

Even better, AV asked if we would agree to allow our holding of Angfrost to be the city under siege – they would arrange for it to be fully built up for the event (but then taken down again the next day).  So, not only were we going to get to take part in a huge pitched battle, we jumped at the chance to be able to see what our holding would eventually look like once fully built – because it’s still looking like this:

Angfrost Before

The day of the event arrived and after some time spent in IRC with Ramjesty sorting out the details, he ported into our city and started building, with steam shooting up from the ground as each of the buildings rose…

Angfrost Rises

… until finally the whole city was built:

Angfrost After

Angfrost from the Keep

A little later the hordes of SUN’s alliance started to arrive and allied us; then so began the long wait for ANG’s alliance to reach the start position.  When battle did finally commence, the gameplay for many was difficult with a lot of cases of exceptionally high ping and crashing, as well as half of the enemy forces not loading in.  As this next picture shows, it’s hard to see that this is actually a circa 400 player battle…

Enemies rush in

The battle was still a lot of fun, with big pitched fights happening all over and around the city itself and all alliance leaders reported that people had enjoyed themselves a lot even with the problems.  Aventurine obviously have a lot of work to do still to get this ‘end game’ element right, but given the length of time it’s going to take for people to actually fully build their cities the devs probably have a month or two yet.

The next morning we had a last look around Angfrost before it was taken down during the daily server maintenance and LordV was able to take some stunning video footage of the city at night…

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    really cool seeing the city fully built!

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    I really look forward to it be fully built by us! :D

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    Good to see what we are working towards.

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    Its going to be a nice city one day!

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    Nice write up and vid.

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    Love it!

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    nice vid

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    Well done!

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