Lux Arcana’s new base: Sunthrone

Sunthrone and its Environs

With thanks to the House of Three clan who agreed to gift their holding to us, last night we successfully achieved the transfer of the City of Sunthrone to Lux Arcana.

The transfer itself went smoothly, although we were prepared for all eventualities.  Using our newly-built Ship of the Line we were able to reduce enough of the city’s walls to rubble to ensure that the clanstone would become vulnerable at the correct time.  We were then later able to defend our siegestones from the many hundreds* of attackers, and moved stealthily through the driving blizzards to Sunthrone itself where we poured down battlespikes and unleashed our artillery to ensure that the city was taken without a hitch.

Ship of the line


Now that we have a new home, we can start looking to the wider map of Agon to slowly build up our AOI – hopefully many battles to come whilst we do this!

In addition, our internal clan market is now available on the clan market structure in the city, located just east of the keep / bank.

Clan Market


So, come and check out our new base!


*OK, 2.


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  1. Snap at

    Lux, back on the map!

  2. beornin at

    I really shouldn’t get back into gaming 7 days before going on a 3 week vacation, but can’t help myself. Downloading the client now. :) Will take the risk of imagining DF fishing while doing RL fishing for a few weeks.

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