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Darkfall Player Vendor

One of Darkfall’s best features was the fact that the entire game’s economy was managed by the players themselves. Lux Arcana took it a step further and created a dedicated internal market system. With this system the clan was able to build up the funding needed to perform all of the feats we were able to accomplish. From resourcing all of our sieges and taking part in the seatower naval battles, to making sure our members had easy access to the goods they needed and building the wonder at Serruk – every bit of it was funded through our trading system.

Lux Arcana Wins a Seatower

We also introduced a special guild rank: the ‘Merchants’, whose role was not only to service the internal market system (buying and selling from and to our members), but also to play the external markets – all in a bid to raise funds for the guild. In this way, we were able to avoid the need for clan donations or taxes and it’s a system that we will be introducing again. We have a very diverse guild which caters to our members’ many and varied playstyles, but one thing is for certain: everything requires funding, and our trading system will be ready to help Lux Arcana reach new heights in Darkfall: Unholy Wars!

Darkfall: Unholy Wars GUI

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