Plan B alliance takes Darkmoore!


Lux Arcana, Pain Killers, Elders of Agon and Destinesia members fought long and hard yesterday evening against the forces of Anquer Quare, Mindless Gaming, Aesir and Red Army (with large attacks on us also by SUN) to take our new home in the city of Darkmoore, in the eastern Mahirim lands.  We called in help from the BdW, Immortals and Black Phoenix alliance in order to help give us a slight edge.

Our initial placement of the siegestone on the island north of Darkmoore gave us a great overview of the main battle area, where we were able to watch the hordes of roamers who had turned up to take part on the fringes (and sometimes not so fringes) of the battle that was raging along the shores of the lake that surrounded our forces.

Anquer Quare tried two pushes onto the island.  The first was a combined water push/runestone in to try and split and surprise our forces on the island, but we were able to put that attack down pretty quickly.  The second push (this time with Aesir) was much harder, and the fight raged backwards and forwards on the island for some time.

Darkmoore from above

Our numbers dropped sharply as the battle continued, but thankfully so were the enemies losing their members.  Eventually we were able to push the enemies off the island but it then took us some time to regroup as SUN decided to attack our reinforcements as they attempted to push out of the safe zone towards us.

In the meantime, our Lux Imperium group were back inside Whiteclaw, preparing for their push into Darkmoore itself.  Co-ordinating their runestone recall into Darkmoore, the remainder of the alliance forces pushed into the west of Darkmoore whilst Lux Imperium pushed into the enemies’ backs from the clanstone and up onto the keep mound, whilst the BdW alliance pushed into the city from the north, with SUN all the while attacking at our rear flanks.

The fight inside Darkmoore was intense but relatively short, with the defending forces overwhelmed after some minutes after all 3 forces pushed in together.  Shortly after that, the city fell and was handed over to the Plan B Alliance!

Congratulations to all our allies and “Good fights!” to our enemies of the day.  We hope that everyone (including the roamers) had fun at what was probably one of the most well-attended sieges to date on the server.

Maejohl's swimming pool

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