Playing out at sea


Sunday afternoon. I’m doing my weekly terrors on Beornin while Branwen is out scraping the western tiles. Suddenly another scraper appears in the same tile, and it’s quick to turn around and head south. I adhere to my routine and let Branwen take up the chase while Beornin aborts the terror-farming, heads to a bank, picks up the beloved Coastal Runner and sets an intercept course.

Threat level: GREEN

After a tile or so another scraper comes into view for Branwen, heading straight for her. The first scraper starts turning, and it’s obvious they are cooperating. Branwen turns to head straight for Beornin, and avoids being boxed in by the two enemies by just few yards. One captain lets go of the helm and shoots at Branwen, and gets her to 25% before she sails out of aiming-range. Apparantly noone told Branwen it’s a bit hard to squirrel effectively with a scraper.

Threat level: YELLOW

Branwen now has a tail of two scrapers, and is heading straight for Beornin. I come up with a devious plan to respawn the Coastal Runner when the rest are half a tile away, leave Beornin just under the surface and stop Branwens scraper on top of Beornin. Like a crocodile he will wait for his pray and strike just after they’ve killed Branwen and think they are safe to check out their loot. As soon as Beornin is in the water though, one of the scrapers stop, and the other turns. Afraid they gave up the chase, I turn Branwen around to keep track of them. Beornin gets back on the Runner and heads towards them. As Branwen passes the stopped scraper, it’s captain climbs the net and attacks. It turns out this captain named Ken Litoris is geared in spiked and veilron daggers, and within a few seconds Branwen is dead.

coastal runner and sea scraper

Threat level: RED

Beornin is now just outside visual range, and I stop for a second to evaluate the situation. I’m now up agaist one geared person, and one naked but possibly with a bow, and have lost the element of surprise. I consider despawning the Runner and going home, but reconsider as I realize this will be a lot of fun even if I lose.

The Runner comes into view as the spiked captain despawns Branwens scraper. I get a bit closer before I remember that bringing a Runner into a fight with two oppnents is a very bad idea, as one of them can easily grab it and they will then be able to outmaneuver me easily. I despawn the Runner just as the spiked Captain climbs the net, and we both hang in the air for a second before we splash into the deeps.

I unsheath my daggers and swim towards him, but he probably realizes he’s outgeared and swims away. I bring out my bow and start shooting. At this point the fight would normally be decided, but that’s before taking into account my terrible aim. I shoot the water on the left side, on the right side, and land one hit. This is when I realize the fantastic reality: The spiked captain is out of arrows! My aim is steadier and I swim after him, hitting every other shot or so. He swims towards the deep, and I send him to his death with a shot in the back.


Intricate set beo

Pleased with how this is playing out, I swim towards the other scraper. There I see the captain busy despawning the ship. I shoot at him from the water, and for some odd reason I hit every shot. As the scraper despawns he falls to the surface with 5% health, and I place a shot into his knee.

So there I am, relaxing in the western sea with 3 graves, 1 scraper and 2 floatsoms around me. I gather ul the loot and recall to start the task of sorting my winnings. In global the an Corp guy says: “Good communication Lux :)“. I answer: “Fun fight” and think to myself: “maybe i should start communicating with myself more often.”

The reward:
3 scrapers (turns out they killed someone earlier and were still carrying his scraper and salvage)
1 full dura spiked set
1 full dura veilron daggers
6500 kg of scrapingloot (including mods and stone)

Now to top it up, when I log on 6 hours later I find this:


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