PvP Ladder – Season 2!

Yesterday marks the end of Season 1, which began a little over 4 and a half months ago. During that time many fights have been fought and many updates to the site have taken place and all in all a good time was had. Season 2 will commence shortly and Luxies can find more information about the relaunch here.


In the 144 days Season 1 was running, 335 ‘best out of 3′ duels took place, with 122 different players taking part.

Two honourable mentions are listed below.

Chohag – For being the most active user, although sadly also obtaining the most losses – it’s clearly not easy being an Elementalist.

Bengt – For being the most challenged user and of course managing to hold 1st place for the longest duration – Crutching on Warrior much? (Well done!)

Needless to say Warrior was the most used character throughout and had the most chance of success, as shown below by some quick statistics of the results.

USEAGE 315 48% 178 27% 96 14% 74 11%
WINS 182 58% 80 45% 39 41% 31 42%

Please note that until the relaunch the site will remain down to undergo some upgrades and maintenance.

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