PvP Ladder up and running!

This evening, Lux Arcana launched its PvP Ladder for our members and recruits!

All members and recruits are required to be on the ladder and to make ladder challenges at least once every couple of weeks (as well as to defend all challenges made against them).

It’s a great and fun way to hone and improve your PvP skills, and to find people in the clan that are around your PvP level. It’s also handy to track your own progress. Practise often, and you WILL see yourself rise through the ranks!



We had a great attendance, and after a tough group stage, 8 players managed to fight their way to the knock-out stage. Eventually, Leif Arnason managed to beat Keegar Shroom in the final. This is the top 8:

1. Leif

2. Keegar

3. Warin

4. Snap

5. Strife

6. Sanctus

7. Red John

8. Bengt



Well fought everyone, and congratulations to Leif (Ajken on the ladder)!  However, now that the PvP Ladder is officially open, let’s hope the top 8 will not be top 8 for long!

Anyone who has missed tonight’s event is expected to sign up at the PvP Ladder here with their Lux forum name and start with 2 free challenges as soon as possible. Good luck and happy killing!

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Comments (4)

  1. Maejohl at

    Well done Leif – but no idea how Snap made it to the top 8 ><

  2. Vorax
    Vorax at

    Grats all and yay for a flawless 3 way;)

  3. pogg
    pogg at

    Fun event, wp Leif.

  4. adreu
    adreu at

    Bravo to the top 8 and to everyone who attended.

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