The safeguarding of Khanruk

With the last light of Thursday the third day of July, The Brotherhood and Lux Arcana under the leadership of Elendir Braveglow rode for the defence of Khanruk, the hamlet on the frozen plains of Niflheim. They were to face an old enemy, the clan of Aesir.

Khanruk siege map

Having just arrived at Khanruk, our enemy was soon sighted coming from Lost Untilik. Our scout got intercepted at the siegestones north of the hamlet and we took up position just north of the hamlet (1). We spotted the enemy forces ride around north, then west towards the mountain (2) on which flank we were holding up as well. Pushing up the hill we caught them and started raining fire down upon them – doing massive damage as they remained mounted (2). We got a couple of kills and scattered them left and right. With our army hot on their heels, Aesir turned north and regrouped to face us (3).

Start of fight

That’s when the big fight happened. Going back and forth, both sides struggled to gain the upper hand and our forces had to take a step back up the mountainside (4). The enemy was pushing us hard and we lost a number of people but they literally were trying to fight an uphill battle. With our healing point left uncontested by the enemy and our mages pouring fire and hale from a higher position, the fight slowly started to turn back in our favour.

Dragon armor


After a perfectly-aimed series of blizzards that hit a major group of the enemy, we managed to put the pressure back on and pushed Aesir back across the valley. At this point we were starting to finish a good number of the enemy off and the fight was clearly turning our way (3). Our push was only briefly stalled by some of our reinforcements (who were coming back from the hamlet) being caught by some Windmill roamers. After this minor inconvenience, the fight turned into a rout – the felling of an enemy in his Dragon armour marking the end of that battle (6).

Back hit

We mounted up and rode with all haste towards the siegestones that had gone live during the fight (7). With battlespikes on us since the very start, we quickly were able to finish off one stone. Just when we were destroying the second and final siegestone our enemies were rushing in from the east trying to stop us from winning. But as they pushed in the victory message flashed across our screens – Aesir’s second push had been for nothing, after all. A final fight happened (8), but with the enemy so scattered and in such disarray we managed to quickly rout them a second time.

Our victory parade back to the hamlet was made sweeter with some last fresh Windmill kills.


With some great teamwork between the two clans, good strategy and leadership we managed to carry the day!

Video from Vordus.

Video from Jackie.

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  1. Maejohl at

    Great write up Snap – and great result too; well done all who were there!

  2. Vorax at

    Good job people, sadly could not be there but a great “we’re back” statement.

  3. Keegar at

    Very nice! Go luxies!

  4. timbah at

    was VERY fun and had not 1 lag or ping spike too with soooo many ppl on my screen

  5. kaelvhek at

    On behalf of The Brotherhood, I would like to say that the Lux members involved did a fantastic job, not only at fighting but listening to siege comms and giving us the man power we needed to win the day. GJ Lux :)

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