Defence of Mavengar won!

Tonight Plan B Alliance has succesfully defended AQ/Aesir & friends’ siege on Mavengar. Mavengar is Elder of Agon’s new hamlet north-east of Angfrost, on the coast. Our opponents had placed 2 siegestones north-west of the Mavengar hamlet, behind a tree. However, just like with the Angfrost siege, they failed to place their siegestones in a way that blocked us from hitting it from the water. We planned to use this to our advantage, and it worked out wonderfully.


We made our first push from the south. Although the terrain was in their advantage, we had no choice but to be aggressive. Although it was their siege, it was up to us to attack the siegestones and fight them off their location. We used focus fire AoE attacks on them to soften them up, and pushed in our warriors aggressively. When the fight started, we had a Launch sail in from the east and used it to hit one of their siegestones. Luckily, our enemies did not scout whatsoever, so they were unaware. The stone was taken down during the fight. We lost the first fight, but we had succesfully taken down the first of the two siegestones.

We regrouped and quickly headed out again. This time, we had to beat them and clear the siegestones to take out the second one. We used runestones to teleport in a group of Elementalists. We carefully timed our main force’s push with huge AoE attacks by the Elementalists, in their back. The fight lasted longer and although we fought hard, we were eventually beaten again.


After these two hard attempts, we opted for our Plan B. We geared up in low tier armor with battlespikes on all of us, and approached the remaining siegestone from a different direction. It threw them off a bit, and we scattered as we climbed up the hill mounted. Their AoE’s hit some of us hard, but most of us made it up the hill. A party of Elementalists once again runestoned in on a great location near the opponents. We tried to rush the siegestone and battlespike it down, but our opponents had covered it completely with mounts. We used Salvo’s and Blizzard’s and quickly dispersed of them. After this, everyone rushed the siegestone with battlespikes and we managed to take the siegestone down to approximately 40% hitpoints.


We grouped up once again, but this time, the enemies knew what to expect. We split up in three different groups, with one main group (including all warriors) taking all the attention so the other two groups could get close to the siegestone without taking too much fire. It worked perfectly as our enemies failed in scouting different directions or pushing us away before we could get close to the siegestone. We managed to battlespike the remaining hitpoints down, and the siege was won, the hamlet still Elder of Agon’s!

Good fights, and until next time.

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  1. Belteyn at

    Well done! Sounds like everyone had fun which is what gaming is all about. Shame Aesir does not seem to understand that. Their leader Aros seems to be of one of these people that unless he wins everyone else must must not be doing it right. Wanting to win is important, but a good competitor should also know how to be graceful in defeat.

  2. Snap at

    Great battle report!


  3. shul
    shul at

    It’s pretty informative that Aesir is trying to play the fight off as being outnumbered.

  4. malebo
    malebo at

    Nice fights ! Tnx to all the organizers ! Keep them coming ! :)

  5. Vorax
    Vorax at

    grats all, sadly could not be there.

  6. Zigzag at

    Was great stuff, plenty of laughs, glad I made it in time :)

  7. weirdearb
    weirdearb at

    Great battle report!

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