Lux Arcana takes Angfrost!



Well, Lux Arcana has taken its city – on the pristine ice continent that is Niffelheim.

However, before we can inhabit our new home our clan will have to work hard to acquire the materials needed to start transforming our city from its current, ruined state.  

Cities and hamlets are constructed using building modules, with each city building requiring a certain number of modules.  Cities also have to be built in a certain order, so clans can’t just pick and choose which buildings to put up first.  One building module requires 300 gold, 100 stone, 40 wood, 25 iron ingots and 20 cloth.  When you add in the amount of gold needed to refine each of those items (assuming no fails when crafting), the actual gold cost on top of the materials is around 400 gold per module.

The basic keep in the city (which must be built first) costs 100 building modules – so that’s at least 40,000 gold just for the first building.  When you add in the other materials, the cost of the keep alone (without crafting fails) will be:

  • 30,000 gold
  • 10,000 stone
  • 4000 wood
  • 2500 iron ingots
  • 2000 cloth

The keep on its own will only give us a few more bindspots, so to make our city a place that can be at least lived out of we’re aiming for 1000 building modules together.  So now, do the maths…

We will, of course, achieve it.  The clan trading system means that we can pay our members for ore, wood, cloth and stone and we have organised clan harvesting events for every evening for the coming days – please make sure you check on the calendar and sign up to help us build our new home!

Angfrost Plan

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  1. Belteyn at

    Excellent start :)

  2. leseid
    leseid at

    Well done. Seems everything is in order :)

  3. adreu
    adreu at

    This is something to look forward to.

  4. Aurelle
    Aurelle at

    Well done, and good luck with the renovations! Better start stockpiling the fur coats:)

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