Lux Arcana in Elder Scrolls Online

The time is here for Lux Arcana to enter the lands of Tamriel. 

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Having shown our pedigree in PvP games such as Darkfall, Guild Wars 2 and EVE we are ready to take on the challenges in Elder Scrolls Online.  We have chosen to fight under the banner of the Daggerall Covenant against the hordes of the Ebonheart Pact and Aldmeri Dominion in the Wabbajack campaign.

But first we will forge our skills within the lands in and around Daggerfall.   Elder Scrolls Online has a huge amount of PvE content.  There is a multitude of quests for both single players and groups intertwined with a rich storyline. Some stories are unique whilst others will follow you throughout the local area or the entire lands of Daggerfall and beyond. 

There are many dungeons throughout Elder Scrolls Online, both single, instanced group and public each with their associated quests and tasks.  With more content promised in the future with the high level adventure zones.

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Elder Scrolls Online has an in depth crafting system which is appealing to Lux Arcana given our strong trading/crafting background from other games.  Crafters have the freedom to craft however they wish, with the ability to research and refine their wares.  With six professions there is lots to do for a budding crafter. 

As a guild we are making strides to opening our guild store in the future so that our members can sell their wares.



Elder Scrolls Online is a vibrant world with so much to see and do with beautiful scenery and interesting characters to meet along your travels.  You can chose to fight against the alliance hordes, go toe to toe with dungeon bosses, craft a legendary sword or simply just explore the diverse lands of Tamriel, the choice is yours.


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    Nice introduction Aydin :)

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    Nice write up mate, looking forward to many many many hours exploring and playing with luxers and might even pop my PvP cherry!

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    Great read, can’t wait to log back in!

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    Bionic at

    You Guys still in Wabbajack campaign ? Regards

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    We have now moved to Bloodthorn

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