Elder Scrolls Online…. something for everyone

This is an article from one of our members, Snap, and his observations on Elder Scrolls Online.

Don’t scroll through Elder Scrolls Online!

We all want to reach that golden level 50, and while we’re at it might as well head straight for that level 10 veteran rank! But by rushing through the amazing content Elder Scrolls Online has to offer I hope you’re not missing out. Allow me to elaborate.

Agreeing with what Subli said today, it’s not very often that the PvE side of an MMO appeals to me. But in ESO’s case the PvE, the questing, the exploring, is an absolute treat.


Every zone has its flair: its main story, and that main story is the undertone in most of the quests and mobs found in that region. All the questing you’ll be doing will be part of a story. And if you take the time, ESO offers a very high level of immersion with its fully voice-dubbed world, beautiful scenery and even just the amusing notes and letters you can find lying around.  Whether it’s slaying werewolves, banishing a dreamwalker cult or halting an uprising you’ll get sucked into the region’s story and flung around on an enjoyable rollercoaster.

Speaking of rollercoasters, you could argue that ESO is like any other themepark MMO, herding you from zone to zone. But unlike the other themeparks you won’t find all of your quests in a central ‘quest hub’. Often you’ll find quests by exploring or even just picking up a book – and going for a stroll around this amazing themepark is truly rewarding. You’ll run into some absolutely stunning sceneries, find treasure chests, unexpected quests, lorebooks, anchors (public group events), critters, etc. etc. To describe it with a cliché, ESO feels alive.


And yes you’ll go through a heap of quests, slay countless mobs rescue dozens of damsels in distress but it never feels like a grind to me. If the quest requires you to kill an X amount of mobs it will never be more than a few. In any other MMO if I’d have to gather 124 ogre teeth I’d alt-F4 out instantly.   Happily, in ESO an ogre has a plausible amount of teeth so after a dozen ogres bite the dust you’ll walk back with a bag full of teeth. Additionally most of the time you’ll be killing a certain amount of mobs fighting your way to a second objective.


Right, now the nitty-gritty – a couple of (small) points of critique. Because of the great flood of players in the first zones you sometimes have to be very quick to kill a certain monster or gather a certain object before other players can nick it. This sometimes leads to you having to wait for a couple of respawns to finish a quest. In line with this, I’m yet to encounter an anchor that really offered a challenge. Due to the sheer number of people rushing to the anchors the moment the dark clouds gather and that devilish sound can be heard, the lifespan of most mobs there is counted in seconds. A last sight that broke immersion a bit for me was a group of players standing at the exact spawn location of a public dungeons boss and farming it repeatedly.  I even heard Harry and Volde had managed to farm their 40K horse this way in a life draining 4h of grinding farming – but each to their own!


Concluding, in my opinion this game has something for everyone: the explorer, the crafter, the pve-er and the pvp-er and even the grinder. It’s been a long time since I’ve played such an all-around fantastic game with some of the best dubbed story driven quests I’ve seen, and I’m really enjoying immersing myself in the stories, plots and characters.

And the PvP isn’t half bad either ;)



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  1. Aydin at

    Very nice write up Snappy.

  2. sabouma at

    agreed 100% :)

  3. Keegar at

    Great write up! :)

  4. greybeard at

    yep well put, no rush , lots of treats on the way :)

  5. ellix at

    Playing since early acces tho my char is only lvl 10 did have multiple others before tho but wanted to look around first . I read everything in game so far and trying to realy take it slow playing mmorpg games since eq 1 and got to many times burned out fast with rushing .

  6. adreu at

    Clear and well explained – thank you Snap.

  7. Anediel at

    Nice write-up, atmospheric pictures—thanks!

  8. vonknut at

    Yeah, its pretty slick and polished a really nice crafting system with actual choices, and generally polished.

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