Lux Arcana unchains the dark anchors

Lux Arcana last night switched its target from Ebonheart Pact and Aldmeri Dominion during the Bloodthorn Campaign and took on the forces of Molag Bal.  Lead by Maejohl, Subli and G-Zeuz we rode across Cyrodill destroying all of the Dark Anchors placed in our lands.


The daedric dark lord threw down many of his minions towards us, but we held strong without a single Lux member falling


We quelled the assault until the final chains was broken and the dark anchors were sent back to Oblivion.


As well as taking on the forces on Molag Bal, we took the opportunity to hit any of our enemies who were unfortunate enough to stray into the path of Lux Arcana.  Most notably was about 10-12 people from the Ebonheart Pact, who were questing in the town of Cheydinhal.  They literary discovered that a church was a place to meet god at the blades and bows of Lux Arcana.

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  1. Maejohl at

    Subli and G-Zeuz did all the leading, I did none :-)

    Was a fun night, especially that fight we had. They had more than us by a couple or so but stealth and our previous Darkfall training did us proud.

  2. Aydin at

    You got us all together initially and kept us together when a few of us galloped off :) I wish I had got a screenshot of the Cheydinhal fight as it was quite ruthless from us. Yep, the Darkfall training does come in handy and that night brought back some memories of it with us hitting some PvErs

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