Lux Progress in FFXIV

It’s been a while since the first article announcing the formation of Lux Arcana’s Member Game division in FFXIV. This is because we’ve all been extremely busy exploring Eorzea and devouring masses of content. The Free Company is expanding nicely, and we now have a good number of members at Lv.50 with many more at various stages on the way there. Our members are having a great time trying out the different classes and jobs, not to mention dungeons, Primals, Fates and all the other attractions in game.


Post lv.50 is proving to be very exciting, with multiple difficult challenges to be tackled head-on while gearing up for the first of the raiding dungeons ‘The Binding Coil of Bahamut’. Just to prove that we haven’t been twiddling our thumbs, please enjoy Ashreon’s fantastic video of Lux Arcana defeating the Primal Ifrit in hard mode!!

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  1. doctorfun
    doctorfun at

    Wooo that LA logo building part of the video is awesome! Who did it?

    1. Belteyn at

      Logo animation is available for all members to use in their videos. Can’t remember who actually made it, but was submitted as part of paid competion we held.

  2. Maejohl at

    Great to see!

  3. Ashreon
    Ashreon at

    Link to video is working again!

    The winner of the contest, I believe, was Sindrake whom made this awesome introduction!

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